Looking for a gorgeous villa in Arabian Ranches or Dubai Hills Estate? This Zen agent is on it.

Meet Jade Morris from Dacha Real Estate, our Outstanding Agent in Dubai for May 2018.

Very well deserved recognition for Jade and Dacha Real Estate, showing that professionalism and strong worth ethics do pay off.

Marcelo Foitinho, Propertyfinder Team Leader – Dubai

Jade is proof that good things come in threes, in April she closed 11 deals resulting in over AED 500,000 worth of commission, which made her total commission for 2018 AED 1 million, then she won Propertyfinder’s Outstanding Agent Award for May 2018! Check out the video below to see what it takes to make it happen.


This interview has been condensed for clarity.

Q&A With Jade Morris

Ewa: Thank you so much for coming to our headquarters here in Media City.
How long have you been in the industry and what area do you specialise in?
Jade: I’ve been in the industry for about seven years, a year and a half approximately was in London and five and a half years here in Dubai with Dacha Real Estate. I specialise in Dubai Hills Estate and Arabian Ranches.

Ewa: From the consumer surveys that we send out to Propertyfinder users, we know that this next question is super important to them because the last thing they want is to get emails or WhatsApp messages with properties that are irrelevant to them. So how do you help clients find exactly what they’re looking for?
Jade: From the moment I speak to a client before I meet them before I go out and look any viewings at all I have a very long list of questions that I ask them some clients don’t like it, some clients call you and they just want to view the property immediately they’re standing outside their unit, and they just want to see it I will not do the viewing. Sounds crazy but I won’t go to meet them because I don’t want to waste their time, my time, or the seller’s time so I have an extremely long list I will ask them. Some clients will call and they think they want that property when actually they don’t so for instance, if they call me for a property that does not have a maid’s room but they have a maid I won’t waste their time by going to view that property. We’ll get there and they say “oh, I need a maid’s room” Once I know exactly what their requirements are then I will pinpoint a few options take them out and then take it from there.

Ewa: You also said that a lot of your clients chose to close their deals with you even though they were working with other agents and that’s due to you being “transparent and efficient”. Which I think are two very important qualities in this industry. So why else should house-hunters looking for their next home at propertyfinder.ae choose you as their agent?
Jade: I think that house-hunters looking for their new property should give me a call because I am very efficient. I know my markets inside out, Dubai Hills Estate,
Arabian Ranches, I have detailed knowledge about the area so maybe I can also educate them. I am definitely efficient and I actually have a passion for my job. So whereas someone else might switch off their phone at seven o’clock in the evening or won’t have their phone on, on a Friday because they’re too busy with their own personal life, this is literally my life and as sad as it sounds I’m always on the phone so if someone calls me at eleven o’clock in the evening, if I’m awake I’ll answer the phone so they can always get me.

Ewa: If money was no object what would you do?
Jade: If money was no object, it’s not a hard question for me at all I would make sure all my family and very close friends are taken care of I would also look after charities and I would sit on a beach and practice yoga.

Ewa: Final question. If you could ask UAE’s Ministry of State for Happiness for Just one thing what would it be? What would you request?
Jade: If I could ask for one thing, it would be that all companies with high stress levels meditate for ten minutes a day. Whichever company it is whatever business you’re in because I just think that it impacts people.

Ewa: I can see that you’re super passionate and really experienced and dedicated. Congratulations on winning the Award and I wish you all the successes this month, this year, and in the future and hope to see you soon!
Jade: Thank you for having me!

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