Your full guide to MoHRE Labour Contract

If you are planning to move to the UAE and obtain a MoHRE labour contract, it is important to fully understand the legislations of the UAE Labour Law. Making sure that you are in compliance with these laws will spare any hustle that may come after.

You don’t have to go through the research process as here is a full guide to MoHRE Labour Contract which will clarify everything about it and how to get your contract.

mohre labour contract

1. What Is the Labour Law in UAE? 

The Labour Law is not something recent. In 2022, Labour Laws were issued to oblige employees and employers to comply with new labor policies and procedures. It replaced the Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 with some new amendments that could shake up working life. 

All employers must amend existing contracts and modify future ones. They are responsible for ensuring that all employees are registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). 

The good news is that you can modify the existing contract or register a new one online.

2. What Is MoHRE Contract?

As an expat employee, the MoHRE domestic worker contract is your official working agreement. It is signed by you and your employer to bind you both by all legal terms and conditions. The agreement should cover ranges of scopes like the following:

  • Nature and scope of work
  • Detailed timeframes and schedules
  • Work responsibilities
  • Benefits of the employees
  • The agreed-upon salary
mohre contract

3. What Are the Types of Labour Contracts?

Considering the several working conditions, the Labour law enables a few types of contracts. Each with legal obligations, protections, and termination proceedings that may differ from one contract to another. 

Moreover, it is urgent for you as an employee and for your employer to understand each type, and sign what best describes your relationship. 

1. MoHRE Limited Contract (fixed-term employment contracts)

The Limited Contract mentions the start date and end date of your employment duration. It compels you to work a pre-determined number of years and obliges your employer to keep compensating you in this duration.

It could be up to 3 years and cease after the end of its time frame unless both parties renew the contract.

2. Unlimited Contract (flexible)

Unlike the Limited Contract, the Unlimited type is flexible with one start or end date. It ends with both parties mutually consenting to terminate the contract. With certain conditions, one of you may terminate the contract without the other one’s consent. 

In addition, it allows you to end the contract with prior notice of not less than 30 days. If otherwise, you will be obliged to compensate your employer and also, your employer is obliged to compensate you if there is no justification for them terminating the contract.

3. Full-time Contract 

A full-time work contract obliges you to work for no more than 48 hours per week. Any extra number of hours should be compensated as per the Labour Law.

mohre limited contract

4. Part-time Contract 

A part-time contract obliges employees to work for less than 48 hours per week. But, the exact number of hours is something to be agreed upon between both parties.

If you are blinded by the part-time contract, you can work for several employers with no permission needed from any of them. Yet, you must be permitted by the MoHRE itself.

5.Temporary Contract 

If you are still under probation, a temporary contract will probably suit your working condition. It sets the rights and obligations for 90 days only. After this period ends, the employer may or may not extend your work with another contract.

6. Special Employment Contract 

This type is for those who are assigned a high position by a minister in a ministry or entity. You will sign the special employment contract which extends for 2 years and could be renewed for the same period. 

Besides, you will be liable to receive salaries and benefits within the budget and in alignment with your responsibilities. 

7. Job-sharing Contract 

If several employees work for the same role but each with a part-time contract. The Job-sharing contract, which is a new type, allows them to divide tasks and working hours among themselves.

mohre employment contract

4. How Can You Get MoHRE Labour Contract?

Once you understand the different types of labour contracts, you can now get your contract. The MoHRE identified the steps that you will follow for your employment in the UAE; have a look at them below:

  • Receive a formal job offer
  • Sign the employment contract
  • Issue a work permit and a work visa

Moreover, as an employee, you must receive and sign the job offer before the employer gets the MoHRE’s preliminary approval for your employment. 

After signing the contract, it should be submitted to the MoHRE within 14 days of your arrival in the UAE. The employer should give his employee a labor card within 60 days from the arrival. Otherwise, the employer is obliged to pay a fine.

mohre labour contract check online

5. What Is the Information Included in MoHRE Labour Card? 

The Labour Card or the work permit is your evidence as a registered worker in the UAE. You should have it while moving to the UAE as an employee. It includes some information about you like name,, employer name, nationality, profession, expiry date, personal number, labor card number, and work permit number. 

Moreover, to get your work permit, you and your employer should fall under certain conditions.

6. What Are the Eligibility Conditions to Acquire a Labour Card?

There are eligibility conditions in order to issue a Labour Card either you’re an employer or employee; have a look below at the certain condition you should meet to get it.

For Employees 

  • Age should not be less than 18 years or more than 60 years
  • An academic qualification 
  • Valid health condition

For Employers 

  • A breach-free record
  • Relative salaries and job responsibilities
  • Compliance with the ministry’s procedures

Now, you and your employer meet the conditions. The next step is to prepare the needed documents to get your work permit.

how to get mohre labour contract

7. What Are the Documents Required for Issuing UAE Labour Card (Work Permit)?

You have to submit some documents to get UAE Labour Card. Have a look at them in the below list:

  • Colored photograph with white background 
  • copy of the entry visa
  • A copy of a valid health certificate
  • 3 copies of the employment contract with the signature of both parties with the company’s seal
  • copy of the company’s valid license.

Your Labour card should be renewed after 2 years; besides, you have a grace period of 50 days from its expiry date to renew it otherwise the employee pays a fine.  

8. What Are the Documents Required for Modifying and Renewing Your Existing Labour Card?

You have to submit some documents to renew your Labour Card; check them below:

  • A copy of a photo with a white background
  • A valid copy of your passport
  • A valid trade license
  • The new and old contract
  • Approved Academic certificate and approval letter from the competent authorities.
mohre labour contract number

9. How Can You Check the Status of Your Labour Contract or Get its Online Copy?

You can enjoy this through MoHRE online system; it has a simple and well-integrated online portal to help you get a copy of your contract or simply check MoHRE Labour Card status. 

Besides, you can check the labour contract online either through the MoHRE website or through its online portal eNetwasal. Have a look below at the steps you should follow to relish such a service.

  • Via MoHRE Website
    • Visit the MOHRE website
    • Click Services
    • Select Job Offers and Contracts Services from the drop-down menu
    • Scroll down to My Contract 
    • Choose: Search By Transaction Number or Search By Personal Details
  • Via eNetwasal Website
    • Visit the eNetwasal website
    • Below the page, click on Labour Card Information option
    • Enter your labour card number and other credentials 
    • View your labour card 
    • Print a copy
  • MoHRE App
    • Download the MoHRE app
    • Sign up
    • Register as an employee
    • Log in with your email and password
    • Click “My Dashboard”
    • Scroll Down, and click View Labour Contract
    • Download a copy of your labour contract

10. Which Entities Don’t Follow UAE Labour Contract?

UAE labour contract doesn’t apply to Dubai International Finance Center and Abu Dhabi Global Market

how to check labour contract

You now know all the important information about legal employment in the UAE and the new MoHRE Labour contract. Prepare your documents, check your employer’s legal documents, and sign the job offer to be ready and a legally registered employee in the UAE.

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