Mushrif Park: Where One Day Isn’t Enough

Are you ready for some fresh air among beautiful trees? Get ready then! Let’s enjoy Mushrif Park Dubai. If you haven’t visited this fascinating park yet, then you should now! 

Whether you love enjoying the calmness or want to try new things and activities, all the options are available at Mushrif Park. It will be your place from now on! 

Mushrif Park


It’s located in Deira, Mushrif area, Dubai. It is right on Al Khawaneej Street that leads to Airport Road, neighbouring Mirdif. 

It’s not an issue to reach the park; you can easily get there by metro as the nearest metro station to Dubai Mushrif Park’s location is Etisalat station.


Mushrif National Park is not your typical park; you will get astonished with the endless amenities that this recognizable park features. 

If you are wondering whether dogs are allowed or not in Mushrif Park, sadly they’re not. However, you can leave your precious pets at home to play and enjoy their comfort zone while you spend some quality time at the park.

Here’s a glimpse at what Mushrif Park has in store for you:

  • Swimming pool (separated ones for women and men) 
  • Kids pool
  • Electrical games
  • Small international village 
  • Parking
  • Praying rooms 
  • Sports facilities
  • Children playing area
  • Bike lanes
  • Aventura Park 
  • Theatre 
  • Barbecue areas
  • Mushrif Equestrian Club
  • Horse and camel riding 
  • Al Thuraya Astronomy Center
  • Resting rooms 
  • Restaurants 
  • Cafes
  • Landscapes
  • Water features.

Things to Do in Mushrif Park 

No few suggestions when it comes to having fun and spending quality time at Mushrif Park, Dubai. 

The variety of activities and things to do at this amazing park is just unbelievable. Not just that, you can’t visit Mushrif Park without playing at Aventura Park too. It’s the highlight of the park, unmissable!

Set your alarm early to be ready for a day filled with joy, excitement, and laughter. Have a look at the following list of great things to do:

1. Try Thrilling Games at Aventura Park Mushrif 

Do you want to try ziplining? Mushrif Park is here to fulfill your wishes as it’s home to the incomparable Aventura Park. Trying the exciting and thrilling games in Aventura Park is the best way to break from routine. 

Not just that, they offer you and your family games with ranging difficulty levels to suit all ages and preferences. Listen to the risk-taker inside you and don’t miss this! Adventure time is now!

Aventura Park Mushrif

Aventura Park Facilities

  • Cafe 
  • Green park 
  • Forests with rare plants. 
  • Bathroom 
  • Shower facilities 
  • Gathering area
  • Multipurpose hall (for conferences and events).

Aventura Park Games

  • Ziplining 
  • Tree surfing 
  • Rope climbing.

Aventura Circuits

You will choose the circuit according to your height as each one has a specific height range. Besides, the circuits have different challenges to suit everyone. 

Things to do in Mushrif Park

Here is good news for your young adventurers! Aventura made the Rangers circuit for them. You can take your kids to spend a day full of excitement and thrill where all the safety measures are taken.

  • 19 challenges
  • Minimum height: 1.05 meters
  • Average height: 1.50 to 2 meters.

If you want to play with your kids, then this circuit suits you the most. The games are easy with low heights to suit the kids and you too. 

  • 17 challenges
  • Minimum Height: 1.25 meters
  • Average height: 2 to 3.40 meters.

Aventura circuit is more challenging to feel a little bit of adrenaline! It is for the fearless young ones and adults where you will enjoy three phases of ziplining in a row. 

  • 15 challenges
  • Minimum height: 1.40 meters
  • Average height: 2 to 8 meters.
Mushrif Park zipline

How about more thrill? The Extreme circuit includes games with more difficulty and risk. You will try the 25 meter Tarzan jump and other high grounded activities; isn’t this interesting?  

  • 16 challenges
  • Minimum height: 1.60 meters
  • Average height: 3.50 to 9 meters

If you don’t fear heights, Thriller circuit will be your favourite one. It is a group energizing game but not difficult; they’re just high grounded for some excitement!  

You will experience surfing through the trees with the 160 meter zipline. Aventura is taking you to a whole new level of enjoyment! 

  • 15 challenges
  • Minimum Height: 1.40 meters 
  • Average height: 5 to 10 meters.
Mushrif National Park


  • Adults: AED 185 
  • Kids (below 1.4 meters): AED 149 
  • Little ones (below 1.05 meters): AED 95 
  • Visitors: AED 10. 


  • Aventura Nights 
    • Time: 9 July to 30 September 
    • Fee: AED 125 per person.


  • Friday & Saturday: 5 pm – 11 pm
  • Sunday till Thursday:  5 pm – 10 pm
  • Monday & Wednesday:  Off. 

Contact Information

  • +971 (0)52 1787 616.

2. Ride a Bike at Mushrif Park’s Cycling Track in Dubai

If you have a bike but you can’t ride it around your home, bring it with you to Mushrif Park. You will have so much fun cycling with your friends in the fresh air. You can bring cold water and some fresh juices to drink after you finish. 

One more thing, don’t forget to make a bike race; it will turn out to be a fun memory. It’s time to own the road on two wheels!

Mushrif National Park

3. Have Brunch at One of Mushrif Park’s Restaurants

The best solution for the mid cravings between breakfast and lunch is having a cool brunch. 

You don’t have to go outside the park to satisfy your cravings. Just pick a tasty snack from any of the good restaurants in Mushrif Park.  

Here’s a popular cafe with visitors: 

Aventura Cafe

At Aventura Cafe, you have both indoor and outdoor seating options to choose what you love and prefer. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing break when you’re done with the activities in Aventura Park!

  • Location: Inside Aventura Park 
  • Top Dishes: Burgers, pizza, and fresh salad
  • Beverages:  Cappuccino and espresso
  • Desserts: Muffins and newly baked croissant.  

4. Play a Football Game

How about a football game? This sounds cool, right? Mushrif Park has well constructed courts to have a perfect experience. Whatever your age, call your friends and come enjoy an unforgettable match. Those games always turn out to be funny and memorable.

Mushrif Park

5. Have a Cozy Picnic 

The simpler the outing the more joyful it is. Going out for a picnic will always have a special vibe. Mushrif Park Mirdif is the ultimate spot to enjoy a relaxing view in the fresh air. 

You just fill the picnic box with some sandwiches, cold drinks, nuts, fruits, and voila! Now, a nice picnic is ahead!

Mushrif Park Dubai

6. Stroll Among the Unblemished Greenery

Walking is one of the best things that help release negative energy. Whenever you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can go for a walk at Mushrif Park.

Strolling among the greenery will help you recharge and boost your energy; just don’t forget your headphones to listen to calm music as you jog peacefully!

7. Ride Horses or Camels 

Have you ever tried riding a horse or camel? If you didn’t yet, you’re missing a lot. You should try it at Mushrif Park Dubai where horse riding is available and camels too.

It’s one of the most interesting things to do in case you want to get out of your comfort zone for a while.

Mushrif Park Mirdif

8. Enjoy a Girls Only Swimming Day

Have you been searching for a place where you can enjoy a girls pool day? Congrats! Your demand is here at this outstanding park. 

Any other outing won’t be that exciting after trying Mushrif Park’s ladies swimming pool in Dubai with your girls gang. You just prepare your swimming suits and don’t forget your sunblock too! 

  • Mushrif Park Swimming Pool Timing: 9 am-9 pm.
  • Pool Entry Fee
    • Adults: AED 10.5
    • Kids: AED 5.25 

9. Have a Barbecue Party

Who can resist a barbecue party? None can actually! The happy news is that bbq is allowed at Mushrif Park at specified areas. 

How about calling your family for a barbecue day out at the park instead of staying at home? Hooray! It sounds great; they will get so excited. Besides, it will be a good chance to meet while having tasty food outdoors. 

Mushrif Park Barbecue Area

10. Play Some Peaceful Yoga

How about doing some yoga at this outstanding park? It sounds interesting! Yoga is the magical way that helps your body perform better and maintains your mental health. 

At this spacious park, you will find a quiet spot to do yoga and meditate where you’re surrounded by nature; perfect, isn’t it? 

Mushrif Park Entry Fee

  • Price per person: AED 3
  • Car entry: AED 10  


Mushrif Park timings differ according to the public holidays and weekends. 

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 8 am-10 pm 
  • Thursday to Saturday: 8 am-11 pm.

Contact Info 

Mushrif Park has contact numbers to call them if you have any inquiries. Check them below: 

  • Landline: +971 (0)4 288 3624
  • Mobile:  +971 (0)50 858 9893
    •    +971 (0)50 856 5076.

Now, you have many plans to spend quality time with family or friends. Besides, your children will get fascinated with the playhouses at Mushrif Park that they won’t want to go home.

No more searching for an ideal park because you‘ve already found the one! 

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