The Outstanding Agent Award goes to… Charmaine Flores from ADCP in Abu Dhabi — November 2018

Charmaine Flores from ADCP is our Outstanding Agent of the month for Abu Dhabi. She tells us more about her passion, why she enjoys working in the real estate industry and how Property Finder is helping her on a daily basis at work.

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been in the industry for 5 years now, my first 2 years was in Dubai and the succeeding years in Abu Dhabi.

Which areas do you specialise in?

Currently, I’m working all over Abu Dhabi City specifically Khalidiya – Corniche Areas specializing in Residential & Commercial Property Management & Leasing.

Why did you decide to become a real estate agent?

I love people. I’m very passionate in dealing with people of different cultures and backgrounds. Helping, serving and leading them in finding new homes gives me a sense of fulfillment.

Tell me about your big achievement? Last month’s big sale/s

I was engaged in bulk/corporate deals with different hotels, schools, Government & private companies, I assisted them in finding accommodation for their employees.

How do you tailor your approach so you set yourself apart?

As part of ADCP, we are very committed to our services, transparent and flexible to our prices and ensure that our promise is being delivered with the highest level of customer service experience. Daily, I make sure to have that vision of making an impact and difference into someone else’s life and that matters a lot to me. In real estate, you do not just get clients it is also an avenue to build a long term relationship with people.

What’s your favourite thing to do on your days off?

I would spend time with family & friends. I love exploring new places to eat all over the city.

If you didn’t work in real estate, what career would you pursue?

I would pursue a career in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs.

What is the question you are most often asked by property seekers?

Common questions would be first the budget, the best price that can be offered to them. Secondly would be the location, the best and the most convenient location that they can reside in. Third would be the property amenities and facilities. Lastly, would be all other services that can be offered to them.

How big of a role does Property Finder play in your job? What specifically do you use Property Finder for?

Property Finder plays a big role for any property seeker or manager. As a Property Manager, it greatly assist us in generating quality leads and increasing the occupancy of our properties. When we started using Property Finder, we gathered a good number of inquiries and potential clients which turned out to be successful deals.


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