Which is the Best Petrol Station Dubai Has?

Every petrol station Dubai has is fully equipped with all the necessities that both drivers and vehicles need. And just like every other city around the globe, Dubai has some of the best ones scattered around it. Discover here every gas station Dubai has in depth within this detailed guide. 

All the Petrol Station Dubai Has to Offer 

Dubai petrol station

If you are searching for a petrol station near me – then you will find several options. And all have a wide variety of fuel types, as well as services and convenience stores. The three major petrol stations in Dubai are Emarat, ADNOC, and EPNOC. Explore them in depth below along with the fuel types they carry, their services, and where to find them around Dubai. 

1. Emarat Petrol Station

First of all, when searching for a petrol pump near me in Dubai. Emarat petrol station Dubai United Arab Emirates will be one of the first options to pop up. It is a multi-channel power and energy company. As it has a wide network of services that are both necessary and convenient. 

Emarat Petrol Station

Moreover, this petrol pump spans across the UAE. And all branches offer state-of-the-art services, such as car washing, fuel pumping, car lubricants and more. They also carry all kinds of commercial products. Such as natural gas, liquified petroleum, and aviation fuel. 

Lastly, every Emarat gas station aims to serve its customers to the fullest. As they feature coffee shops and convenience stores as well. 

Fuel Types 

Emarat Dubai petrol pump provides various fuel types for different car types. Including: 

  • Super (98) 
  • Special (95)
  • E-plus (91) 
  • Gas Oil (diesel) 

Convenience Stores

If you want to grab a snack, a cup of coffee, or anything else. You can find it all at: 

  • Bakeria 
  • Café Arabicca
  • Freshplus


Head to Emarat gas station to get your car checked from A to Z. Their various services include: 

  • Shamil – vehicle testing and registration services 
  • Car wash 
  • Car lubrication services
  • Oil changing 
  • Vehicle maintenance and support 
  • Measuring tire air pressure 
  • Fixing flat tires 

Stations in Dubai 

Emarat has over 108 petrol stations all over Dubai. Here are some of the top ones across the city: 

  • Safa
    • Location: Al Wasl Road 
    • Contact details: +971 4 342 1495
  • Al Garhoud
    • Location: Sheikh Rashid Road 
    • Contact details: +971 4 324 1183
  • Al Jaddaf 
    • Location: Al Khail Road 
    • Contact details: +97143241078
  • Al Quoz
    • Location: Al Meydan Road
    • Contact details: +97143385989
  • Jumeira
    • Location: Jumeirah Street
    • Contact details: +971 4 344 0133

2. ADNOC Fuel Station

ADNOC Fuel Station

Secondly, ADNOC Petrol Station Dubai is the nearest petrol station to most residential communities in Dubai. Additionally, while the station provides fuel, car maintenance services, and convenience stores, it also has a remarkable rewards system. 

This reward system is based on earning and collecting points. Customers can do this by using car washing services, fueling up, and shopping at ADNOC’s facilities. When doing so, they will earn points that are redeemable to unlock exclusive deals and discounts. The points are earned as follows: 

  • 3 Points – for ULG 91 E-Plus Fuel 
  • 5 Points – for ULG 95 and 98 Special Fuel 
  • 10 Points – for Oasis purchases, car wash, lube change, and LPG mobile app purchases.

In addition, downloading ADNOC’s mobile app will allow you to keep track of your points as you will be able to view their deals and daily discounts. 

Fuel Types 

You will find the following fuel types at ADNOC gas stations: 

  • Super 98 
  • Super 95 
  • E-Plus 01 
  • Diesel 
  • NGV 

Convenience Stores

ADNOC’s stores and shops offer a wide variety of fresh goods, car products, and more. You will also find a barista and bakery to grab a fresh cup of coffee and a quick snack. 

  • ADNOC Oasis
  • Geant Express


In addition, these are some of the top services at ADNOC: 

  • EV Chargers 
  • Car lube change 
  • Mechanical repairs 
  • Tire changing 
  • Vehicle inspection 
  • Car wash 

Stations in Dubai 

Below are some of ADNOC’s petrol stations in Dubai. Do note that you can reach them all at +971 800 300. 

  • Umm Suqeim
    • Location: Al Wasl Road
  • Al Mamzar
    • Location: Al Mamzar City


Thirdly, ENOC petrol station Dubai which also manages EPPCO. These 154 service stations are found across the UAE, not just Dubai. In addition, there are future plans to establish 191 more stations in the near future. 


Furthermore, when searching for ENOC near me, you will find various nearby stations. And they all deliver high-quality fuel as well as excellent car maintenance and support. 

In addition, ENOC is distinguished by its Compact Station, which is a petrol station designed to provide the ultimate level of convenience and sustainability, especially for residents who live in remote communities. 

Fuel Types 

ENOC provides the following fuel types: 

  • Special ULG 95
  • Super ULG 98
  • E-plus 91
  • Diesel Gas Oil



ENOC has grocery stores with a wide selection of products. As well as a fresh bakery for road snacks and breakfasts. 

  • Zoom 
  • Pronto


ENOC provides the services every other petrol station does. In addition to that, it offers more services, including: 

  • Car wash
  • Tire changing 
  • Car lubrication changing 
  • DEWA Utility Payment
  • Du & Etisalat Sim and Recharge
  • Fine Payments
  • Airline Ticket Payments


The products below are found in both ENOC car shops and convenience stores: 

  • Car lubricants 
  • Wiper blades 
  • Hot and cold beverages 
  • Groceries 
  • Fresh foods 

Stations in Dubai 

Listed below are some of ENOC petrol stations across Dubai. And all can be reached via +971 800 3662. 

  • ENOC Petrol Station JVC – 1077 
    • Location: Jumeirah Village Circle, near Community Park, E44
  • Jebel Ali Village – 1025 
    • Location: near Ibn Battuta Mall 
  • Dubai Hills – 1076
    • Location: 109 Umm Suqeim Street 
  • Dubai Internet City – 1060 
    • Location: E11, Al Sufouh
  • Silicon Oasis – 1022 
    • Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road – E311

4. CAFU Online Services 

gas pump

Lastly, CAFU provides online services. Such as fuel delivery along with other vehicle services. It is a simple and smart way to save time and effort. By getting all the automobile services you need at any location. Be it your home, your work, or any other place around Dubai. CAFU services include:

  • Fuel delivery 
  • Car wash
  • Engine oil replacement 
  • Battery jump-start and replacement 
  • Tire check and change

In order to get those services, simply download the app and sign up. Then you will have access to book the services you need and have them delivered to wherever you want. 

To sum up, every Petrol Station Dubai offer is fully equipped with everything customers might need. From different fuel types to all sorts of car maintenance services. Additionally, check out Property Finder’s blog for more exclusive guides and top picks. 

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