Property Finder Talks Episode 1 — Dubai: A Smart, Tolerant and Happy City

Lynnette Abad, Director of Research and Data at Property Finder invited Mahmoud Al Burai, Senior Advisor to Dubai Land Department for the first of a series of conversations for “Property Finder Talks”. In this series, Mahmoud discusses why Dubai is a “smart city, a tolerant city and a happy city”, by outlining current initiatives and plans that the government is working on. Interested in knowing what they are? This episode is a must-see.

Mahmoud Al Burai from Dubai Land Department with Lynnette Abad from Property Finder

Next episode of Property Finder Talks coming next week, stay tuned! If you’re a Property Finder client who wants to stay up to date on all PF Talks episodes, or if you’d like to feature in the next one, drop us a line at 

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