Everything You Need to Know About Salik

If you have recently moved to Dubai or just started to drive, then you should know more about Salik Dubai. You may have heard about it, but still have questions regarding its fee, rules, and how it works.

You can find all the answers to your questions through this guide; it will help you know everything about Salik to enjoy your drive! 

Salik Dubai

1. What Is Salik? 

Salik is a traffic system in Dubai by the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA). Its goal is to minimize traffic jams, offering you a quick driving flow. 

This is through replacing the toll gates with human labour to electronic ones; they automatically deduct the road passing fee once you drive through them. 

2. How Many Salik Toll Gates Are in Dubai?

There are eight Salik toll gates on Dubai Roads at different spots.

3. Where Are Salik Toll Gates Located in Dubai? 

Dubai Salik gates are positioned at different areas in the city but most of them are on Sheikh Zayed Road; here are the Salik toll gates and their locations specifically on Dubai’s map:

  1. Al Barsha is on Sheikh Zayed Road, near Mashreq Metro Station and Mall of the Emirates.
  2. Jebel Ali is on Sheikh Zayed Road, close to Jebel Ali Village.
  3. Al Maktoum is on Tariq Bin Ziyad Road, close to Dubai Creek.
  4. Airport Tunnel is on Route no. 62, on Beirut Street, close to Dubai International Airport.
  5. Al Safa is on Sheikh Zayed Road. Business Bay, close to Business Bay Metro Station.
  6. Al Garhoud is on route E11, Al Ittihad Street, close to Dubai Creek, Al Garhoud, Dubai.
  7. Al Mamzar (north)
  8. Al Mamzar (south): Both are on Ittihad Street, close to Al Nahda, Deira. 

You can now more details about Dubai communities on Property Finder where those tolls gates are located.

Salik in Dubai

4. How Do You Register for a Salik Account? 

You can easily have a Salik account through quick steps. There’s an official website for Salik Dubai where you can register. Here is the process: 

  1. Open Salik website
  2. Click New User Registration
  3. Register as an Individual user
  4. Then fill the form with your information to complete the process. 

Moreover, you can now download the Salik Dubai app to log in from your smartphone. 

Once you have an account, you can manage your payments, see if there are fines, check the remaining balance, and recharge your card. 

5. What Is a Dubai Salik Tag/Card?

Salik tag is a sticker with an electronic sim which is placed on your car’s glass. This tag enables the toll gate scanners to recognize your car. 

Consequently, when you pass through Salik Dubai gates the charges are deducted automatically from your account. 

6. How Can You Get the Salik Tag in Dubai? 

There are two ways to get a Salik tag; you can either buy it online from Salik website or offline from the authorised dealers. 


You can easily get it through the official website and pay online all the charges,

The required documents:

  • A reachable mobile number
  • The Registration Card of the vehicle.

The Steps:

  1. Once you open the website, click “Purchase Salik Tag,” then you should fill the required details
  2. They will send you a one-time password to verify the mobile number you entered
  3. Then you should enter the delivery address 
  4. After you complete the payment process, you will receive a confirmation message on your phone
  5. You don’t have to activate the tag, as buying it online activates it automatically. 
Salik registration Dubai


You can get the salik tag offline from the authorised dealers by the RTA. Find below the petrol stations in Dubai where you can go and get your tag fixed on your car:

  • Emarat
  • ENOC
  • ADNOC. 

7. How Much Does Salik Tag Cost? 

The price of a new Salik tag depends on whether you will buy it online or offline. Check the details below:


The online Salik tag costs AED 120:

  • Salik tag: AED 50
  • Prepaid toll credit: AED 50
  • Delivery fee: AED 20. 


Salik tag from outlets costs AED 100:

  • Salik tag: AED 50
  • Prepaid toll credit: AED 50 (once you activate it).
Salik charges Dubai

8. How Can You Activate Salik Tag After Buying It Offline? 

You can activate your salik tag after getting it from any of the outlets through the following: 

  • The official websites of the RTA in Dubai or Salik
  • The Salik App or Dubai Drive, through your smartphone. 

There are some required documents to complete the activation process. Check them below:

The Required Documents

  • Copy of the Registration Card of the vehicle (both the back and front sides)
  • The number of Salik tag (on the tag’s back)
  • Your phone number (the same as you entered for Salik’s purchase form)
  • The Salik tag’s purchase date 
  • For companies, the trade licence’s copy. 

The Process 

  1. Open the website, then click “Activate Salik Tag”
  2. Choose whether “New Salik Customer” or “Existing Salik Customer” 
  3. If you’re a new user, then you will register first. Then start the activation process
  4. If you’re an existing customer, you will start the process directly
  5. Afterwards, you should enter the required documents which are mentioned above. 

9. How Much Is the Salik Fee? 

The amount of salik fee is the same through all the gates. You should pay it when you pass through each one. 

  • Salik Fee: AED 4

10. How Can You Recharge Your Salik Account? 

You can recharge your account through various ways. Here are the options you have to fill your account with enough credit:

  1. With your credit card through the app or website of Salik Dubai
  2. Using auto top ups at your bank
  3. In case you have a Salik Dubai recharge card, you can recharge your account through 
    • The official website for Salik Dubai
    • Salik call center
    • Smart Salik app. 
  4. If you want to pay using cash, you can through: 
    • The kiosk machines 
    • Cash Deposit Machines for DIB and Emirates NBD banks. 
Salik Dubai recharge online

11. How Can You Check the Balance of Your Salik Account? 

There are various ways to check the balance available in your Salik account:

  • Online through:
    • Salik website
    •  Smart app
  • Offline through the customer service number.

Whatever the channel you choose, the required information to check your Salik balance is your plate number or your account and pin numbers.

12. Do You Need a Salik Account for Each Vehicle You Own? 

No, you don’t; just one account is enough as you can add more than one vehicle to the same account.

13. How Can You Add Another Vehicle to the Same Salik Account? 

You can do this in just a few minutes through different channels. Choose below the way that suits you:

  1. Salik official website 
  2. Smart Salik app
  3. Call salik customer service support. 
salik registration Dubai

14. How Can You Avoid Paying Salik Dubai Fines?

To avoid paying any fines, you shouldn’t make any of the following violations: 

1.Your Account Doesn’t Include Enough Credit 

If you passed through any of Salik toll gates while your account doesn’t include enough balance, and you didn’t recharge it within 5 working days from your trip’s date, you will pay a fine. 

  • Violation costs: 
    • AED 50.

2.Your Plate Is Not Registered on the Salik System. 

In case you drove through any of Salik Dubai toll gates, with Salik tag on your car, and you didn’t register for one within 10 working days from your trip’s date, you’ll be penalized. 

  • Violation costs: 
    • AED 100 (first trip)
    • AED 200 (second trip)
    • AED 400 (each following trip through Salik).

For each vehicle, it’s a maximum of one Salik violation per day.

You can always check if you have fines through your Salik Dubai account on their website or the app. 

Dubai salik fine

15. Are There Free Salik Timings in Dubai? 

No, there are no free Salik days for the toll gates in Dubai.

Here is one of the most asked questions that may pop up in your mind: “Is Salik free on Fridays or not?” Unfortunately, it’s not; you should pay even during weekends and official holidays. 

However, in case you pass through both the Mamzar South and North gates within an hour, you pay only once.  

This is for all the Salik gates except Al Maktoum toll gate; you can pass through it without paying the Salik fee during specific timings:

  • From Thursday 10 pm to Saturday 6 am
  • 10 pm – 6 am on weekdays.

16. What Are the Alternative Roads in Dubai to Salik Toll Gates? 

There are other roads free of Salik toll gates in Dubai; check the below list of alternative routes to each toll gate to avoid paying Salik fee:

  • Jebel Ali, Al Safa, Al Barsha:  E311/ Sheikh Zayed Road

This is also a perfect choice if you’re searching for a road from Abu Dhabi to Dubai without paying for Salik 

  • Al Garhoud, Al Maktoum: Floating Bridge route
  • Airport Tunnel: D 83/Rebat street
  • Al Mamzar South & North gates: Al Wahda Street, E311 Sheikh Zayed Road, and Al Damascus Street 
  • Al Garhoud: Business Bay Crossing route.
Dubai road

17. Can You Contact Salik Dubai?

Surely, you can; here are various ways to contact Salik Dubai if you have any inquiries or issues. Salik Dubai customer service is 24/7 so you can reach them whenever you want. 

  • Salik Dubai contact number:
    • Local (toll-free): 800 Salik (72545) 
    • Outside UAE: +971 (0)4 233 5000 / +971 (0)4 233 5005 

Now there are no more question marks about Salik; this helpful system is made just to make you extra comfortable. You can choose whatever route you want to reach your destination in a few minutes! 

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