Sharjah Safari Park: Your Doors to Africa

Do you love wildlife and dream of visiting Africa to explore it? If yes, we have good news for you! Now you can enjoy this within the UAE at the new Sharjah Safari Park. 

This attraction finally opened its doors to all the thrill and excitement seekers; through this article, you will know everything about Sharjah Safari Park so you can head there for endless fun. 

sharjah safari park


It’s located in Al Bridi Nature Reserve, Al Dhaid, Sharjah. 

Sharjah Safari Park has a prime location; it’s in a centralised spot enabling you to easily reach it not only from Sharjah but also from the other neighbouring emirates.

Commute Time

Here is the commute time to reach Sharjah Safari Park from different emirates:

  • Fujairah: 40 minutes away
  • Dubai: 50 minutes away
  • Ajman: 50 minutes away.

Opening Date

Sharjah Safari Park opened its doors to the public on February 17th, 2022. 

Top Attractions

Sharjah Safari Park’s size is astonishing as it stretches along 8 km; that is why it’s home to  various attractions. 

It’s divided into different themed environments where each one represents an area in Africa with its distinct nature, creatures, and landscape. 

Not just that, the list of available animals in Sharjah Safari Park is endless as they have exclusive species from all over the world. That’s why the excitement is real. 

Check below the top attractions that you shouldn’t miss at this gem:

sharjah safari park location

1. To Africa

At this attraction, you can go on a walking experience to see various animals who are coming from the eastern coast of Africa. It’s a unique one as it enables you to closely watch those wild creatures. 

2. Sahel

This one represents a part of Africa which starts from the Atlantic coast of Mauritania in the western side to Eritrea and Red Sea from the eastern side. It’s characterised by deserts, grasslands, numerous wild animals, and birds. 

In addition, you are going to spot the Dorcas gazelles and Scimitar oryxes so get your camera ready! You will feel like touring through a forest in Africa as the Sahel area ideally looks the same. 

3. Savannah 

The Savannah area in Sharjah Safari Park is inspired by the same one in Africa; it extends in eastern and southern Africa from the coast in the northern area to Kalhari in the southwestern side. 

It’s one of the most popular tropical spots worldwide. If you love the jungle surrounding, then this attraction is a must. Besides, it’s covered by the grassland of the African continent which is an amazing thing to witness. 

Savannah is also home to the largest amount of biodiversity on Earth so you can expect nothing but a thrilling experience there.  

4. Serengeti

Serengeti is the highlight of the park and the most thrilling area. You will see various types of wild creatures and plants from different species like Nile Crocodiles, herbivores, and much more. 

Not just that, for thrill lovers, here you can get outside of the car to enter the lion’s den; it’s surely a breathtaking and exhilarating thing to try. 

This attraction has a variety of creatures as this area in Africa witnesses the largest migration in the world for various animals yearly. Visiting Serengeti is a great opportunity to see how amazing the wildlife is, without even travelling abroad. 

5. Nkgorongoro

This one in real life has a distinct ecosystem where most of Africa’s famous species live. Nkgorongoro is designed typically like the one in Africa, leaving you astonished and in awe by the beauty of nature. 

6. Moremi 

Last but not the least, the Moremi area is inspired by the stunning canyons and valleys of Africa’s southwest area; they have been formed over centuries by the monsoon rains.

Besides, you will spot the beautiful yellow giraffes here. Get ready for an outstanding  experience in this gem and don’t forget to take nice shots all around. 

Sharjah safari park timings

Things to Do 

At this one-of-a-kind attraction, there are surely many interesting things to do. Check the below list to find the unlimited fun and entertainment that are waiting for you. 

  • See more than 120 species of animals 

Undoubtedly, the first thing to do here is taking a tour among the park’s different areas to see the wild animals from all over the world. 

Not just that, Sharjah Safari Park is the largest safari in the world outside Africa; this enables you to meet with lions, black rhinos, giraffes, gazelles, and much more distinct species. It’s going to be one of your unforgettable and distinct experiences. 

  • Dine by the lake 

After finishing your tour, you can chill by the lake. It’s surrounded by a number of restaurants and cafes, allowing you to enjoy a meal or a cold juice. 

  • Meet Wuheida the White Rhino and Bridi the Giraffe

You shouldn’t leave the park before meeting Wuheida and Bridi. Wuheida is the first female southern white rhino that was born in Sharjah Safari Park. Its birth is the result of the breeding programme in the park which aims to save these species from extinction. 

Moreover, the Bridi giraffe is the first African female giraffe that was born in the park. It was a successful experiment as the baby giraffe rapidly adapted with its surroundings. 

It will be a great outing for you and your kids as they will love seeing those lovely little animals and surely take some photos with them. 

Sharjah safari park ticket price
  • Enjoy birdwatching 

If you’re interested in birds and their different types, then you should go birdwatching in the park. In Sharjah Safari Park, there are designated areas for spotting the birds, allowing you to freely see these beautiful creatures. 

  • Visit Zanzibar Village

To enjoy the ultimate tropical atmosphere and African vibes, this amazing park is bringing you a Zanzibar-themed area. 

Strolling in Zanzibar Village will leave you in awe as it’s all painted in white and smartly decorated to exactly look like Zanzibar. You can head there to unwind and enjoy a tasty snack. 

Sharjah safari park area

Opening Hours

The timings of Sharjah Safari Park are:

  • 8:30 am – 6:30 pm daily (last entrance at 2 pm).

Ticket Prices

Sharjah Safari Park’s tickets are divided into 3 categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. They differ in the number of the themed environments you can enter. 

  • The Bronze: Gives you access to only one environment with a walking tour. 
  • The Silver: Allows you to visit all the environments except Serengeti within a bus tour.  
  • The Gold: Enables you to enter all the environments in a luxury car and with a private guide for extra comfort. 

Sharjah Safari Park’s entry fee is as follows:

  • Bronze: AED 40/adult, AED 15/kid (2-3 hours)
  • Silver: AED 120/adult, AED 50/kid (5-6 hours)
  • Gold: AED 275/adult, AED 120/kid (5-6 hours)

Sharjah Safari Park offers a free entry for kids:

  • Below 3 years old ( Bronze and Silver) 
  • Below 2 years old (Gold)
sharjah safari park tickets

Contact Information 

You can surely contact Sharjah Safari Park whenever you have an inquiry or a question:

  • Sharjah Safari Park Contact Number: +971 (0)6 803 7777

Everything that’s related to Sharjah Safari Park including the ticket price, timings, attractions, and more is mentioned in this article. You just need to schedule a day to head to this gem and explore it. 

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