Your Guide to Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

Is it your first time hearing about Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme? Or did you hear about it before but want to know more? If yes, then in this article you will find all the answers you need. 

Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme aims to serve the UAE national citizens who need housing assistance to ensure them a better residential experience. Scroll down for more details about this initiative. 

Sheikh Zayed housing program

1. What Is the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme?

The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme is a governmental program. It works on providing housing assistance to the UAE national citizens who can’t afford having a suitable home. 

Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme has units in Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, and other emirates, so you can take advantage of it across the UAE. 

This program supports widows, divorced women, orphans, and even breadwinners who are unable to buy their families a good house, suiting their needs. It follows the UAE’s strategy in maintaining a good and satisfying living atmosphere for its precious residents. 

2. Who Is Eligible for Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme Services?

UAE citizens are the only eligible ones for Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme services.  

3. What Are the Eligibility Conditions for Applying to This Program? 

In order to apply for Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme, you must meet the below conditions:

  • UAE national 
  • You should be the breadwinner of the family 
  • Your aren’t able to have a suitable house for your family
  • You never obtained a housing aid from a governmental entity
  • You didn’t own a house since 1999, or your owned a house that isn’t suitable for an appropriate residency
  • Your income isn’t enough to buy or complete the construction of a new house
  • A local woman who is
    • A widow and has children 
    • A divorced sitter for her kids, in case their father can’t afford a suitable house
    • With no parents and reached 30 years old without marriage 
    • With no parents and has no breadwinner to legally subsist her. 
    • Married to a non-UAE citizen and he can’t get his family a suitable house for residency.
Zayed program housing

4. What Type of Assistance Is Offered by the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme?

The project of Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme offers three types of assistance which are:

  1. Housing Assistance
  • Government housing 
  • A financial grant which is non-refundable
  1. Financial Loan
  • A housing loan in one of the housing complexes constructed by the ministry 
  • A loan with which you can do whatever improves your residential experience
  1. Utility Housing.

5. How Can You Benefit From Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme?

You can benefit from the assistance of Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme through many ways; check them below: 

  • Constructing a new house or completing one which is under construction
  • Buy an apartment or a house that suits your family 
  • Do home maintenance or expand your own house; you can also do both 
  • Pay a previously obtained loan from another entity for housing purposes. However, in order to have such an option, make sure that three years haven’t passed since the first instalment of the already taken loan.
Sheikh Zayed housing programme Ras Al Khaimah

6. How Much Are the Values of the Financial Loan and Grant by Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme? 

The values of the loans and grants offered by this program are as follows:

  • Financial Grant or Loan: AED 800,000 (the maximum amount)
  • Governmental housing or a housing loan in one of the housing complexes constructed by the ministry: the amount given for constructing a house is with a maximum limit of AED 800,000. 

The income of the eligible person for financial grant or loan must be less than AED 15,000.

7. Where Are the Offices of Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme? 

Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme has offices in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Abu Dhabi. 

  • Dubai: Marrakesh street, Umm Ramool, Dubai; +971 (0)4 605 5555
  • Ras Al Khaimah: Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed road, Ras Al Khaimah; +971 (0)7 226 0008
  • Fujairah: Sakamkam road, Fujairah; +971 (0)9 222 7666
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8. What Are the Needed Documents to Apply for the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme? 

There are some important documents you should prepare in order to submit an application for the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme:

  • A copy of your passport, family book, and identity card 
  • A real estate property certificate from the emirate’s responsible authority 
  • A certificate of commercial licences from the emirate’s responsible authority 
  • A proof of your income.

If you are a widow, you should get the below papers from the court and submit them, in addition to the above mentioned ones:

  • A proof of inheritance inventory 
  • A certificate of non marriage, a certificate of obtaining a retirement pension on behalf of your late husband, or a proof of obtaining financial assistance as a widow from a responsible entity in the country. 

If you’re a divorced woman, you should submit the following documents, in addition to the firstly mentioned ones:

  • A proof from the concerned court clarifying your custody of your kids 
  • A certificate of non marriage from the court or a proof of obtaining financial assistance after being divorced, from the concerned entity in the emirate. 
Sheikh Zayed Housing programme Dubai

9. Where Can You Apply for the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme?

You can apply for the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme by submitting an application at: 

  • The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure 
  • Any of the programme branches 
  • The official website of Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme.

10. What Are the Services Available on Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme’s Website? 

You can easily access any of this program’s services through Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme’s official website. 

Here are the available ones on the site for applicants: 

  • Housing Assistance Request 
  • Request to Update Housing Assistance Data
  • Residential Assistance Cancellation Request 
  • Reduce and Postpone Instalment 
  • Reconsideration of Housing Decision Request.

11. How Can You Register on the Programme’s Website? 

You can easily and in no time register on the programme’s website to use all the provided services at any time. Here are the steps you should follow: 

  • Open Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme website 
  • Click on Registration and Login 
  • Then press on Applicant
  • You should fill your Town No. and Family No.
  • Afterwards, they will send you an OTP to your registered mobile number on the housing assistance application.

12. Can You Change the Type of Housing Assistance After the Approval of Your Application? 

Yes, you can. In order to amend the type of housing assistance, you have to cancel your already approved one and submit a new application. 

You should also take into consideration providing the specified documents according to the new kind of assistance you need. 

13. How Can You Cancel the Application After Submitting It?

You can cancel the application after submitting it by heading to Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme’s office building yourself. 

  • If your request got the initial approval, then you should bring it and the family book to fill the cancellation form. 
  • In case your application didn’t get the initial approval yet, just bring your family book and fill the cancellation form. 
Sheikh Zayed Housing project

14. What Are the Operating Times of Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme Offices? 

The operating times of Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme’s offices are as follows:

  • Sunday – Thursday: 8 am – 2 pm
  • Off on weekends.

15. Can You Contact Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme? 

Yes, you can. Sheikh Zayed Housing has a contact number to reach them; you can call their call centre whenever you have an inquiry.

  • 800 6634 (toll free)
  • 7:30 am – 7:30 pm on weekdays. 

Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme ensures you a good residency in your beloved country. After knowing all the details, you can apply for it whenever you need such an aid.  

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