Smart Homes Are For Everyone


You don’t have to be tech-savvy or spend $100 million like Bill Gates famously did to have a smart home. Today, anyone with electricity in their home can control any electronic device from their smartphone or tablet. It saves you time and from worrying so you can get along with your day, having peace of mind that everything is in order.


image of smarthome


It’s all about the Internet of Things because you can communicate with anything, from your bedroom lights and fridge to your security system. They are all now part of the technology revolution.

Let’s talk about Bill Gates’ home, which is located just outside of Seattle. He has set it up so that when you enter a room lights fade in and as you exit they fade out. You can also jam to your favorite music, which will follow you to every room you go to. The same goes for whatever you are watching on TV. The whole house learns your preferences and if there is more than one person in the room the system will try to compromise to fit both people. Apparently, that is just a small portion of the wizardly at Gates’ humble abode.


image of smarthome


Having a smart home is a practical solution even if you’re not a bachelor who wants to impress your date with instant jazz and dimmed lights. Imagine you’re out of the house and you want to make sure the kids have started their homework. You checked in on them through your smartphone and found out that the TV is on for Netflix and the microwave is cooking a big batch of popcorn. Time to make a command; appliances off and locked, and the motion sensor on full blast. By the way, motion sensors are very smart. You can set them up so that when they sense that you have woke up in the morning the coffee pot turns on too.

Let’s be honest, whether you are raising a family or you are making it on your own, life will keep you busy and chores are very tedious. Enter the trashcan in the automated home that will monitor what you throw away and order a replacement for you online so you never run out of cookies. You can also rely on your fridge to come up with recipes based on the ingredients you currently have in there. Watch out Jamie Oliver because I can whip up something out of nothing too.


image of smart home


Of course, an obvious dilemma is imposed. Am I so lazy that I can’t turn off the lights or lock the door myself? But didn’t the same questions arise when Google had all the answers under the sun and we no longer had to run to the library for every query? There is no ‘one size fits all’ in home automation and you can regulate and choose how far you want to go. The main point is, now you have more time for the finer things in life.

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