What nationalities buy the most properties in Dubai?

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Dubai Land Department’s (DLD) annual report issued by Real Estate Research and Studies Department has announced that the total amount of real estate transactions recorded in Dubai in the first quarter of 2015 exceeded 11,603 transactions worth AED 64 billion.

According to data released by Dubai Land Department, the total value of real estate investments in Dubai by Arab nationals from outside the GCC amounted to AED11 billion in the first 8 months of the year. The top buyers were:

  1. Jordanian nationals: 928 properties for AED2.3bn.
  2. Lebanese nationals: 702 properties for AED1.8bn. 
  3. Egyptian nationals: 809 properties for AED1.6bn.

The total real estate investment done by GCC nationals amounted for AED 9 billion of all the investments in the first 8 months of 2015. The top buyers were:

  1. UAE nationals: AED 5.799 billion from 980 investors.
  2. Saudi Arabia: AED 1.890 billion from 604 investors.
  3. Kuwaiti nationals: AED 500 million from 170 investors.

As for non-Arab investments in Dubai properties, the sums of transactions amount to AED 12 billion through 5466 investors from 102 nationalities. The top buyers were:

  1. India nationals: AED 3.040 billion from 1293 investors.
  2. Pakistan nationals:AED 1.392 billion from 953 investors.
  3. British nationals: AED 1.892 billion from 699 investors.

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