In a recent survey we held, we found out that trust was the primary criterion for 44% of home-seekers in the UAE when working with an agent. As a brand that strives to earn our consumers’ trust with products that solve their problems, Property Finder brings you SuperAgent. A unique feature that aims to make the home seeking journey of our consumers more authentic and transparent. 

Property finder has also launched an integrated brand campaign to announce the launch of SuperAgent, to communicate how the feature will ensure that your home-seeking journey is hassle-free, trustworthy, and straightforward. Scroll down to learn more about SuperAgent! 

You know that one friend who understands what you say without speaking, articulates your thoughts into words, and gives you the most convenient solutions to your problems? A SuperAgent is that friend. SuperAgents cannot guarantee that your kid will wake up earlier for school, but they will help you find a home close to the school so that your kid can sleep more and still get to class on time. SuperAgents will always help you find the right home, whatever your priorities, needs, budget, or location preferences are. 

What is a SuperAgent?

Relax while we share more about this new launch by Property Finder. What is SuperAgent? It’s a unique feature that recognises agents who meet the guidelines of excellence and offer high-quality service.  It’s a 100% automated process that depends on the individual agent’s performance; there’s no human interference, just data-based decisions to guarantee that agents who get the SuperAgent tag will enrich your home search journey every time. SuperAgents are property-seeker obsessed, always provide the best quality property listings and respond faster than other agents. 

Why Do SuperAgent Exist?

The SuperAgent feature was created to ensure that home seekers have the best possible experience every time. Many consumers complain about facing some issues like fake listings or the houses shown online not being available. But now you can be rest assured that your journey of finding your dream home will be convenient and transparent because when you work with SuperAgents, you are working with those who have been judged against key criterias and have truly earned this tag.

What Do SuperAgent Offer?

SuperAgents offer property seekers an easy, hassle-free home-finding experience through verified listings with the most accurate information and details, fast responses to your calls, mails, e-mails and WhatsApp messages. All while providing high-quality service to ensure you get what you see every time. 

How to Find a SuperAgent?

If you’re wondering how you will recognize a SuperAgent, they will have a tag on their profile and all their listings so that you can find them easily. Even more, you can filter your search to only show listings by SuperAgent by  simply using the toggle switch beside the search box, and you are ready to go.

Where Can You Find SuperAgent in the UAE?

SuperAgents are located across the UAE. Start your search with SuperAgent today, only on Property Finder.