Zayed National Museum: A Lifetime of Achievements

There’s no doubt that the UAE has an impressive history. With an amazing streak of achievements, it’s only fit to have a national museum to showcase them. 

Zayed National Museum will explore the UAE’s glorious past and the rule of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Let’s explore what it’s all about.

zayed national museum project


Zayed National Museum is located on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.


Zayed National Museum is set to be a celebration of the life and success of Sheikh Zayed, the founding father of the UAE. It will also aim to educate visitors about the nation’s culture and history through 7 different galleries.


One of the most striking features of the museum that will definitely have everyone turning their heads is its design. Spread over an area of 44,000 square meters, its exterior is shaped like falcon wings, paying homage to the national symbol of the UAE.

The design will feature a series of towers shaping the wings, with the tallest one standing at 123 metres high. The one-of-a-kind architectural marvel is designed by Foster + Partners.

zayed national museum concept


Here’s a breakdown of the different sections within Zayed National Museum project:

Life and Times 

This section is the main gallery of the museum, which will highlight the life and leadership of Sheikh Zayed during the union of the Emirates.

The gallery will feature a unique collection from the belongings of the late leader.

Falconry and Conservation 

Sheikh Zayed was known for his love of nature and this gallery is a tribute to this fact. It explores his many efforts of conservation throughout his time as well as his love of falconry. 

falconry in zayed national museum

Land and Water 

Sheikh Zayed believed in a sustainable future; this gallery will analyze why this vision is important and how it was the basis for projects throughout the UAE.

People and Heritage 

There are many ideologies that were crucial in the success of the UAE and its journey to what it is today. The most important of which are the relationships between people and being a hospitable country.

This concept will be explored here and how it was implemented in the Emirates during Sheikh Zayed’s time as ruler and beyond that.

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History and Society 

If you’re interested to find out about the history of architecture in the UAE, this is the place for it. Visitors will go on a virtual journey to discover the advancements starting all the way back in the Stone Age to modern UAE’s majestic skyscrapers.

Science and Learning 

One of the major points of significance for Sheikh Zayed was education and its importance. This gallery focuses on this aspect and how it helped shape the UAE. 

Furthermore, many scientific discoveries and innovative designs from the Arab region will be on display. 

abu dhabi mosque

Faith and Islam 

There’s no doubt the Islamic culture and faith played a huge role in the foundation of the UAE, and still do. This gallery shows how important they are and what exactly did their role achieve.


There’s no better way to celebrate everything this brilliant man offered to the UAE nation that through a massive library. The museum will be home to Sheikh Zayed Library, where visitors will find plenty of insights into his wisdom.


Zayed National Museum is currently under construction as announced by the Department of Culture and Tourism. 

zayed national museum construction

Opening Date 

Zayed National Museum is set to open in 2021.

After the opening of the Louvre on Saadiyat Island and the much-awaited opening of Zayed National Museum, it is set to be the ultimate cultural destination in the UAE. 

A grand addition to the iconic island, the national museum allows us to celebrate a man whose contribution to this great nation will last a lifetime.

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