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Al Minha Real Estate

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About Al Minha Real Estate

Company License: This is the company license number issued by the Abu Dhabi department of economic development. CN-2707803

Head office:Building no 169, Khalifa Street Al Ain

Al Minha Real Estate L.L.C is a group of Highly Trained Professional Agents based in Al
Ain to serve you in renting & selling properties in the Market. Your Time Matters to Us! We are
committed to serve inquiries on time. We believe in quality of work in Leasing, Selling & Buying
Properties. Al Minha Real Estate is your One Window for Leasing, Buying & Selling Properties.
Our Services:
• Management (With and without Maintenance)
• Renting (All Kind of Properties)
• Buying & Selling (All Kind of Properties)

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    Al Minha Real Estate




    English, Arabic, Urdu

    Ibrahim Khan
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