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Company License: This is the company license number issued by the Abu Dhabi department of economic development. CN-2411914

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Belgravia Real Estate
The leading Real Estate in Abu Dhabi

BELGRAVIA is a young and dynamic national company dedicated to economic
development of the country providing various services in the UAE and the Gulf Region in
general. We are strategically structured to fulfill the fast growing space needs of the country,
made more challenging by the high increase of the national population, growing immigrant
population and the obvious challenges of rapid modernization and urbanization of the land.
BELGRAVIA has a rich resource of motivated and dedicated professional candidates well
experienced in the real estate business, who ensure significant added value service to both
property owners and tenants. We offer total solutions to ensure real estate investments.
At Belgravia as we buy and sell all type of real estate in the Island of Abu Dhabi we also sell
the nicest freehold apartments surrounding Abu Dhabi Island the least to mention: Al Reem
Island which is at throw stone from the heart of the capital and Abu Dhabi mall as those
apartments are lying on towers with an amazing attractive looked at the marina(seaside),
those towers enjoys parks, restaurants and shopping centers.

Belgravia Services:
Buying & Selling: At BELGRAVIA we find the buyers and sellers and match them together
for all types of properties and negotiate the best deal to the advantage of our clients.
Investments: At BELGRAVIA our deep understanding of the real estate industry enables us
to make the most appropriate investment plans, which will insure the highest return levels
on the real estate investments.

Management: At BELGRAVIA our experienced personnel cover all your property
management needs, including an elaborate process of preparing an ideal tenant profile for
the property and identifying a prospect to match the profile. We systematically follow a
maintenance program and rigorously monitor progress to see that the property is kept in the
best condition at all times. Our prompt and efficient response to tenant queries delivers
immediate identifications and remedy.

Consultancy: At BELGRAVIA we provide our clients with prompt and professional
guidance in all matters relating to real estate, offering comprehensive and cost-effective
solutions tailored to every specific need.

Valuation: At BELGRAVIA we evaluate your property either by giving a quick verbal
valuation or by giving a fully detailed report. This is conducted by the giving valuation
department, headed by Mr Rasheed Toubasey who is nationally renowned for his expertise
in this field.

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