Red Ruby Real Estate Management

Red Ruby Real Estate Management

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About Red Ruby Real Estate Management

Company License: This is the company license number issued by the Abu Dhabi department of economic development. CN-1150132

Head office:M 1 building no 212, Al Hisn W6, Hamdan Bin Mohammed St

Red Ruby established in the year 2016 with the sole intention to develop the best residential state property around
the city. Our innovative strategy, growth and value added opportunity have helped in securing our clients. We pride
ourselves on continuously delivering superior quality, excellent customer service and high level of integrity to our
client and employee as well.

We will continue to be property management company of choice in Abu Dhabi (UAE). We are committed to meeting
the needs and expectation of our customers and putting their best interest first.

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    Red Ruby Real Estate Management




    English, Urdu

    Muhammad Abu Bakr Ali
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