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3.6 /5

Al Nada

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Resident reviews

5 /5
Al Muneera
The island building are family friendly big pools nice play grounds kids love it I guess , , , gyms renewed every 3 years mini carrefour, Costa and few restaurants by the beach , it’s one of the best compound in Abu-Dhabi
4.1 /5
Al Raha - Great location and living in Abu Dhabi
Al Raha Beach is one of the most premium communities in Abu Dhabi, conveniently located and with great facilities and views. Apartments and villas are great for families and there are lots of upcoming attractions in the neighborhood. Easy access to Abu Dhabi airport and Sheikh Zayed Road. Highly recommended,
2.9 /5
Al Nada 2A Apartment, Al Muneera
The 4 bed apartments have reasonable room sizes and good kitchens they are let down by the small size of the single balcony, strangely the 2 bed units get 2 balconies 1 of which is bigger than the single one in the 4 bed unit. Generally the facilities are kept clean however the facilities management company tend to treat the residents and owners as the people who they must put up with only. They have very limited customer orientated skills.
2.4 /5
Al Nada 1 Al Muneera Al Raha Beach
Typical al Dar, all bells and whistles but no substance. Quality of the interior and kitchen very poor, maintenance extremely slow, despite all security dodgy characters in corridors, no guest parking, limited spaces already allocated to residents. Poor traffic and pedestrian flow. Everything just shabby

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