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4.1 /5

The Gate Tower 3

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Resident reviews

4.7 /5
One of the best Place to live in AD
I am here in UAE for morethan 8years now and since 1Yr I am staying in the Gate Tower 3. The way it is maintained and the experience of all aminities are satisfying. Yes elevator is sometimes busy but i hardly wait 5mins 2-3times a month and thats during rush hours only. Else, the living experence in the community is way joyful and the elevators issue is too small for it.
4.3 /5
Gate Tower 3
I've just moved in and I feel that this is one of the best communities in Abu Dhabi and I've lived in AD for 8 years! The apartments are well kept, maintenance has been fantastic and the amenities are great. The only issues are the elevators can be super busy and the price of guest parking...it's ridiculous, not only for Tower 3 but for the entire Gate Community.
4.7 /5
Great community
This is a great community to leave in... very peaceful and convenient. very well maintained.
3.6 /5
Need improvement
Nice apartment and facilities. But garbage management is poor. Only ground floor is well managed. Some floors above are dirty. Cleaners seems don't know what to do, because there is no CCTV on every floor. And also security seems doesn't care with tenant's complaint about wrong place parking. Need so many improvement.
3.3 /5
Security is never care with all tenant matters
I dunno what's wrong with the security, if they see something not in the proper way, they were just saying an apologize without further action. From visitor who is parking in the wrong place. Garbage problems in almost all levels, noise so often, pet free area is just a symbol, so many tenants brought their pet to this apartment, and smelly Basement. The only clean area is the Gate Tower 3 lobby and others level are not.
4.1 /5
High quality building, great views
High quality building by Aldar with great recreational facilities and views. The pools are excellent with an unique lazy river. Corridors are well maintained and clean.
3 /5
Average building
Gate towers has lots of leaks, and maintenance is very poor. I suppose it is just poor workmanship. There is alway construction in the area and weird noises can be heard all the time.
4.7 /5
Leave in Gate tower
Great bulding ,nice area ,amazing view ,excellent pool area

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