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3 /5

Burj Daman

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Resident reviews

4.9 /5
Superb Building
Building quality and apartment and facilities are very high end. A great address and surrounded by wonderful facilities at the doorstep or next door restaurants and hotel. Love it and would not live anywhere else.
3.9 /5
Luxury Building
Very luxurious building, strategic position, much better than other buildings of the difc. As always, some things can be improved but the view from the apartments is spectacular
1.4 /5
24/7 construction noise right in front of the building called ICD BROOKFIELD. If you are facing DIFC, you will suffer from the noise 24/7. They never stop drilling, pile breaking all day even at night. You will never get sleep and even TV sound won't help during the day. Also no gym only pool.
2.1 /5
No gym nor pool.
The gym is not available in the building and is not going to be anytime soon so if you like to go to the gym then you may go to DIFC and look for one. Another problem is the construction on DIFC side which goes on all day & all night Fridays & Saturday included.
1.9 /5
Beautiful but Disapointing
The parking is a daily nightmare. Most parking floors are empty but you need to park six levels below. Garbage chutes do not work properly on all floors most of the time. Garbage are accumulating in the small garbage room. Current noise due to construction of hotel inside the building and another building on the difc site. Still no gym. Wait for a longtime for elevators as not all of them are working at the same time.
5 /5
Highly recommend
We enjoyed our stay in this beautifully furnished aparment. Host was very responsive, facilities met our expectations and kids enjoyed the pool. I highly recommend this apartment to anyone.
1.9 /5
No Gym - Childrens pool out of service
The building is pretty but is poorly maintained. Whatever breaks remains broken. Also, no gym and no children's area despite being advertised as such.
2 /5
Noisy Construction on Difc Side
i have to get out of this place because of crazy 24/7 noise from constructions around this building and also still they didn't build the gym yet !!!!!
3 /5
Construction on DIFC Side
Burj Daman is an amazing building, the duplex on DIFC is extremely beautiful. The general finishing is great, so is the balcony and the pool. The wooden floors are a beauty and very unique for Dubai and chiller charges are very reasonable also. Unfortunately, there are some problems: The gym is not finished and for 1 1/2 years, the only answer you get is "3 months until completion". Parking situation is weird. Most 2BR apartments only have one parking and building management asks extreme prices (more than 10k AED/year) to rent one of the roughly 2000(!) free spots in the underground parking. Guests can only park for 1 hour and then have to pay 20 AED per hour. This caused me several awkward situations with friends visiting already. Biggest issue is the huge construction opposite of the building on DIFC side. The noise is constant and goes on all night - in my opinion, it is not worth to pay a huge amount of money for an apartment with constant noise, especially in the night. The Zabeel side should be great, though. In general, this is a great building. If issues like parking and gym are fixed, it will be one of the best (if not the best) in DIFC.
3.7 /5
Gym is lacking
My building is good except for a non complete gym and making the visitors pay parking

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