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4.2 /5

Burj Khalifa

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Resident reviews

4.9 /5
Best Building in Dubai
When you are living here ,you feel every day you are in holiday,the worst thing is when you are living in BKH,you couldn’t live anywhere else.I love here.
4.9 /5
I live in BK now for more than 1 year. Very beautiful and impressive. Safe and clean environment.
4.3 /5
The Corporate Suites are the finest offices in Dubai
If you are looking for a unique office in Dubai, the Corporate Suites are the places to be. Starting from the 112th floor, the Corporate Suites are offering full floor offices and showcasing 360° views of Dubai. Just spectacular !
4.9 /5
Really good staying at Burj Khalifa
Stayed there for more than 2 months and was really impressed by the quality of service from Burj khalifa staff. From room cleaning to concierge, to gym and pool and yoga centre, everything was perfect.
2.7 /5
Burj Khalifa
I wish they have more balconies.
4.7 /5
Theres a great sense of serenity living so high above the ground that you feel the world is still down below
4 /5
Eye catching tower of Dubai
This is probably the most recognisable building in Dubai right now and would be the perfect place to live if npt for the fact tourists flock to it
4.1 /5
Great lication with benefits
As a landmark there is lot to say. Perfect location with great amenities and a perfect investment.
4.4 /5
Its the most beautiful building i have ever seen in these last 50 y in Dubai.
5 /5
Burj Khalifa Tower review
Burj Khalifa Tower is the best and iconic stationed in the heart of Dubai. Maintenance & Staff are good and friendly. The offices are remarkably designed that suits the professional world to stay with. This tower is the best.

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