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8 Boulevard Walk

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Resident reviews

2.7 /5
Worst building in Downtown
If you don't have a parking allocated forget about the building. Quality of the building is really poor. Very noisy flats. Nothing good about the building
4.1 /5
My experience. 5 Star facilities
This building has 5 Star facilities. Large area. High Speed lifts and large swimming pool, baby pool,barbeque area,etc are all plus points. It has a supermarket. Easily connected by metro and feeder bus No13. Bus Stop in front of the building. Love to stay here.
4.7 /5
Best apartments in Downtown
Best apartments in Downtown, very spacious, clean square layouts, large balconies, floor to ceiling windows, great pool and all facilities available, easy access from both Downtown and Business Bay.
2.3 /5
24 hour construction
Lived here 5 years was AMAZING then had this downstairs lots of parking, but that was then and this is now.. and can't wait for my rent to be up so i can move haven't slept more than 2 hours a night since 2016 since the construction does not stop used to have a great burj khalifa view, now look at construction and construction men peering into my apartment don't move here until construction is done if you like to sleep or talk by the pool with the sound of drills
3.6 /5
Great building but
Sometimes the maintenance is slow to take action about the problem issue in the flat.
4.6 /5
Enhance the parking
Provide some parking space for visitors
4.1 /5
Love the location but...
Building is good but the parking for guests is terrible
3.7 /5
Good place to live
For family or singles, this building has something for everyone but it isnt walking distance to much
5 /5
Love to stay and surrounding its awesome.
4.3 /5
I love this building because of its location, it is close to the dubai mall, the burj khalifa park, it has a community park with a running track right besides. the view from all angles is nice and the neighbors cordial and never too loud. the pool & spa have an outstanding view to burj khalifa. my place has an amazing kitchen and great balcony. great value for money, i live in a studio and believe me that when you walk in it feels like a home.