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3.8 /5

8 Boulevard Walk

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Resident reviews

4.4 /5
very nice experience
I honestly had a very nice experience in this building , apartments are very spacious and the location is very convenient . There are two grocery shops just nearby, it's very clean and the security is always ready to help you in case of need. I'm Italian and living in Dubai for 15 years , so I had several experiences around Dubai and I must say that this building is not bad at all.
4.6 /5
Nice building and good location
Nice place, convenient location, staff and security excellent. The building is very clean and the maintenance is good. There are many grocery shops few steps away from the building. Apartments are quite bigger than the others around in downtown.
2.4 /5
Very old building
this is a very old building so Elevators frequently break, like the Intercom and other facilities. Fire Alarm goes off many times in night without any reason. Owing to nearby construction noise and dust levels are very high.
1.6 /5
Noisy, smelly, not friendly neighbourhood
I have lived in the building I do not advise it at all. Very noisy around due to construction sites, people not respecting the others and very unfriendly. They make noise, loud music every nights, it always smells food in the hall way and not to mention how the gym is dirty. The only positive thing is the staff, they are very nice and always helping.
3.7 /5
Good location
Great location, decent apartments, very nice balconies, maintenance And cleaning should be improved. Nice pool, very small gym.
2.9 /5
My experience in 8 Boulevard Walk Tower
The building has a great location, no doubt about it. Maintenance of the building is ok, but can be much better: I once stuck in the elevator, false fire alarms are often, pool nice but things can fall from any balcony right in your head, gym, barbecue area, pool billiard room, guest parking with 12 spots. Noise and Unbearable construction around the building. However after a year it will be nice place to leave, if the prices remain the same.
2.7 /5
Worst building in Downtown
If you don't have a parking allocated forget about the building. Quality of the building is really poor. Very noisy flats. Nothing good about the building
4.1 /5
My experience. 5 Star facilities
This building has 5 Star facilities. Large area. High Speed lifts and large swimming pool, baby pool,barbeque area,etc are all plus points. It has a supermarket. Easily connected by metro and feeder bus No13. Bus Stop in front of the building. Love to stay here.
4.7 /5
Best apartments in Downtown
Best apartments in Downtown, very spacious, clean square layouts, large balconies, floor to ceiling windows, great pool and all facilities available, easy access from both Downtown and Business Bay.
2.3 /5
24 hour construction
Lived here 5 years was AMAZING then had this downstairs lots of parking, but that was then and this is now.. and can't wait for my rent to be up so i can move haven't slept more than 2 hours a night since 2016 since the construction does not stop used to have a great burj khalifa view, now look at construction and construction men peering into my apartment don't move here until construction is done if you like to sleep or talk by the pool with the sound of drills

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