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3.2 /5

DEC Tower 1

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Resident reviews

4.6 /5
Superb Building
Its a great building for families. Superb location and amazing amenities. Very close to mertro,beach,marina walk, super market.
3.6 /5
Nice place to live
Would rate it better than other towers in Marina as its the first tower after the exit and hence easy to reach compared to others which are congested. Facilities are good & its a nice & clean place. Security not fully trained to be polite or possibly thats their nature. Overall nice place to live. Had a good view from my apartment as well.
1.1 /5
Do not rent
We’ve had a horror story as soon as we booked a property for rent , to find out no maintenance has been done. The building has no sound proofing on windows , the traffic is so regular that going to and from office has become a nightmare. The building has individual owners who do not take ownership of maintenance, regular leaks within the walls and from air conditioning, which neither the owner nor the building maintenance will fix. They might swindle with a paint job that will get overridden by fungus due to leaks within the structure. Advise is it is not worth the hassle kindly ensure the property is assessed and worth the hassle else do not waste money and time as the owners and maintenance teams are not responsive, finally they swindle from your deposits.
1.9 /5
Traffic Problems
This area of Dubai Marina has great potential for an investment but unfortunately the traffic is unbearable trying to get out and get in during peak hours. Hopefully the authorities will do something about the traffic congestion especially that the 2 new towers next to the bridge will be nearing completion, and the completion of the new building next to DEC Tower 1. Also the Owners management company needs to improve their performance.
2 /5
If you drive a car choose another building
Terrible traffic around, needs 40 min just to reach parking, if apartments are facing inside a building then you can’t seat on a balcony , co of noise from huge fans. No visit parking , and owner parking is so small , you barely can open the door after Park your car
2 /5
Will be moving away
Unfortunately this building is not as good as it used to be. The reception staff are very rude and usually not helpful, the maintenance of the building is not as it should be, and the traffic is getting worse around the area with the addition of two new hotels - not to mention the construction next door.
4.1 /5
Nice and clean facilities to live in
4.1 /5
Good place to live, near Promenade and JBR, big supermarket downstairs. 10 minutes on foot from the metro station. Free tennis court and good swimming pool.
4.3 /5
Really nice building in a not crowded area of Dubai Marina
This is in a fairly quiet area of the Marina but still only a hop and a skip to the action and The Beach. And in the near future neighbour to Bluewater Island and Dubai Eye. Only minus is SAGA International who are supposed to manage the building but are somewhat incompetent.
3.9 /5
A better tomorrow
I believe DEC towers has the ability to build a substantial stable market of its properties in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has very nice units, big in size, spacious in layouts, exquisite with Marina views. In order to stand atop and get some winning awards they must make their surrounding area better; in terms of traffic, parking, noise level and the neighbourhood involvement, to make it more eco friendly.