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3.7 /5

MAG 218

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4 /5
Great place to live MAG 218
The building has fitted a community cinema for use of the residents and a kids room with play equipment and the gym is well fitted out, the swimming pool also is great size for family or doing laps as it is 25m long. The building has a number of features that usually you would find in a hotel like WiFi on the community floor and the private cinema with 20 people seating and the screen is about 5m across. Great for a DVD, or play station and there is security always at hand to help or make you feel welcome. I have lived here now for 5 years in the tower and still like it as it is well maintained.
4 /5
Very good management
The facilities are always neat and clean.
4.3 /5
Everything is fine
Friendly staff smiling all the time and never giving you attitude unlike other building security
3.7 /5
MAG 218
Building is well maintained. And has maintenance in house for any tenant queries. Staff very helpful and Amenities are well maintained.
3.1 /5
Dubai Rentals
Ideal building location wise and the building is maintained well with family friendly environment.
4.3 /5
Mag 218 dubai marina
Mag 218 has all the facilities required for comfort living. Staff is friendly and cooperative. Neighbours are mainly European families. Location is good close to sheikh Zayed and dubai marina
3.9 /5
Quick review on MAG
One of the most spacious building in Dubai Marina with a great 25 m pool. Only catch is there is construction work in many nearby places so best to live in the higher floors to avoid it
3.4 /5
Mag 218 - 1 Bedroom
Love living in this building and enjoy the location. We are on the construction side so it can be very loud. Traffic is not too bad but sometimes we do get stuck in traffic. One thing that I wish I could change is having balcony, otherwise very happy!
2.3 /5
Great building in the heart of Dubai Marina
The reason I like MAG 218 is because it is well located: we've got a tram station just next to the building. Marina Walk is minutes away with shops and restaurants. The beach is also within walking distance and it is really easy to get to Sheikh Zayed Road. The building itself is nice and the swimming pool is of high standard
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The first time I saw the apartment I loved it. We live in a one bed but it’s spacious!! Love the maintainence, pool, gym, how clean the building is and how accessible it is from tram and Marina walk!! Best part: husbands office is 5 mins walk from here he walks to work!! ♥️♥️

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