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4.2 /5

Marina Pinnacle

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Resident reviews

4.9 /5
Mr. Liam
Great building & good price! The building had bad reputation in past but new management has fixed it all, no complaints!
4.7 /5
New Management is great!
Tough security policies and access to in and out of the building provides a feeling of safety. The location of the building is quite good since it is an easy entrance and exit from and to the Sheikh Zayed Rd. Building provides great and well maintained facilities! Just a comment is to provide a parking access floor to visitors since marina has no good parking spots
1.4 /5
Low building quality & bad management
The location is great. But the pros list ends here. The management and the security are extremely stubborn and the maintenance + other charges are ridiculously expensive. I doubt they even have the right to charge home owners that much. The building overall is below average in terms of finishing, maintenance and facilities. Take a look at other building in Dubai Marina and it will become obvious to you. Every thursday I hear the same neighbors getting drunk and roaring like crazy until they fall asleep in the morning after. Guest parking is a nightmare. No chance to have friends over without them roaming around for a half an hour for parking.
4 /5
Nice Tower
It is nice tower to stay,only one comment is there, there must be kids area in GYM.
4.7 /5
Great choice for those who like to stay in the heart of dubai
Gym and swimming pool are great.staffs are very nice.Best place to live.Good security system.You will feel more freedom and security here.
5 /5
My experience was good with this company , they need to adjust some of their services such as faster their procedure but in general it is good
4.9 /5
خدمة الشركة بشكل اجمالي جيدة و يتم تحسينها على مدى الايام ، اقامة مريحة و انصح بها
5 /5
ابراج تايجر
البنايه جميله ونظيفه والخدمات اروع ... متألقه تايجر دائما بخدماتها وابراجها
4.7 /5
Nice place
Good location in the middle of dubai with an easy access to all requirements such as supermarket. Malls and hospitals
4.9 /5
my experience in dubai
Marina pinnacle is my first experience in Dubai , a lot of people had recommended this place for me . some small issues were their but it was fixed with no time I believe they have a excellent customer service .
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We moved last year, So in my experience the most important thing is the safety of the building. The security doesn't even allow any stranger in the building u less confirmed by the tenant or owner. They have there strict rules , and you have to follow. People are nice. I live in 1bhk and they have very spacious apartment. Groceries 3 min walk tram and metro everything is near. MARINA PROMANAD is 2 min walk. AND OTHER FACILITY are also near. I have balcony apparent and it is huge. When we were looking for the properties, we had seen 10-15 property in barsha, marina, and some other places. The properties were old and expensive. This was the last property we saw. And we finalize then and that time. It is worth it.