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3.5 /5

Orra Marina

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Resident reviews

4.1 /5
Loved living here
Lived in Orra for many years .. new building manager and very good at attention to detail .. well designed apartments- the views are spectacular .. huge balconies .. yes as many have said it can be noisey at the weekends but this is marina to be expected . Overall love the place
5 /5
Amazing View
Absolutely love Orra Marina, the full marina view is amazing, facilities are great.
4.4 /5
New and modern
Layout and furnishing of the flats are superb. Minimal and fresh aesthetic in the flat.
3.1 /5
Management not transparent
Apparently majority of the apartments are still owned by the developer, as a result there is no clear insight on costs and the overall management of the building. I asked for minutes of owners association meetings and such were not available. As such no compliance with the introduced regulations.
1.9 /5
smells very bad!!!
car park is often flooded from drains leaking sewage water! Traffic is very noisy all night and party boats play music late into the night.
3 /5
Extremely noisy building, but friendly reception
We have lived here for 3 months and would have wished we never signed the contract. The noise level is EXTREME, so it is impossible to sleep at night and enjoy the balcony. Do not go there as you will regret it. The pool is small and not in sun-side. However the gym is nice and so is the receptionist and security staff.
2.4 /5
Maintenance is poor, same goes for the management of the building. No guest parking. They are building on the site next door so very noisy...would not recommend.
3 /5
Good building
All in all good,flats size is good.we have wide room and kitchen.
4.3 /5
Superior staff
Staff is excellent very friendly and helpful

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