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3.8 /5

Princess Tower

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Resident reviews

4 /5
Great tower
Outside pool is very nice, but too small to swim inside. Gyms are nice and not crowded usually, but staff close them at 10 PM what is disadvantage for me.
4.7 /5
Best building in Marina. Fantastic facilities, clean and super well maintained.
Clearly the best building in the area. Great facilities, fantastic observation deck on the 97th floor. Friendly staff and very well maintained. Parking for guests can be a challenge - and thats something which needs to be fixed. Access to metro and tram is fantastic. Middle of everything.
4.7 /5
Great building and nice facilites
what I love about this building is location, outstanding views, and great facilities such as indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, billiard and ping pong tables and lovely kids playing area. in addition to that enjoying concierge service and common business sky lounge on the 97th floor where you can meet friends, conduct some meetings or arrange your birthday parties or other celebrations. The best types in this building is 03 and 06 types and even 03 is more live with views of Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and JBR
3.3 /5
Nice building
Overall this is a nice building with beautiful views, but there are some problems: -no visitor parking -gym & pool closes at 10pm, on weekdays people cannot really go there after work -traffic is terrible, lights are red for 4-5 minutes all the time -very noisy even above 60th floor because of Barasti
4.3 /5
Lovely Tower
Outstanding view and great facilities with a prime location. indoor and outdoor pool , amazing gym, nice billiard and tennis table and lovely kids playing area.
4.3 /5
Meets all of my needs
The tower is in a great location close in the heart of Media city and the Marina.
4 /5
Very good building
Enviroment is safe,friendly and convenient
3.7 /5
Location and views are good
Being one of the tallest buildings, it provides exceptional views of the surrounding area.
3.7 /5
No guest parking
Although there is private parking, there is no guest parking. This makes it difficult to have guests over which are driving as parking is vary sparce around this area.
4 /5
Excellent building-location and view Good on appartament space and distribution, One of the best in Dubai marina

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