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3.6 /5

Zumurud Tower

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Resident reviews

2.1 /5
Never rent there
They charged me the parking card which I paid for it at the beginning of my stay. The studio is a box without a place to breathe. Will start asking for unacceptable rent raise once the contract is near to finish. The building entrance has a trash smell. Inside the studio, you can hear/smell everything. Very expensive.
1.3 /5
Very bad building
Garbage smell at the entrance. Gym is very small. Pool opens at 7:30 AM and close 7:30 PM also, while other pools keep till 9:30 or 10 No visitors parking. No security at all, anyone can come and steel your stuff. Not recommended at all!!!
1 /5
If you are currently looking at online listings and considering moving to any of Zumurud's towers, learn from my mistake and AVOID THESE TOWERS AT ALL COSTS. We immediately moved out after our lease ended. - The walls are extremely thin and the soundproofing is mediocre: I received a noise complaint from watching a movie ON MY PHONE at night, and I frequently heard the neighbors getting intimate. - The central aircon, while provided, is old and not powerful: in summer, I was sweating in the blankets every night. - The "cold" water is burning hot: I had to rush taking a shower to avoid first-degree burns (the tower's water tank is stored on the building's roof, directly exposed to Dubai's sun). - Maintenance is bad: I asked for maintenance three times. The first time, to install a washing machine (they sent me a surprise bill of 200 without quoting me first, for a five-minute install with all hardware provided by me). The second time, to fix a toilet flush (they were unable to fix it and I had to visit the hardware store myself), and the third time to install a lightbulb on a high ceiling (they NEVER CAME, despite asking two times). - And worst of all, the tower has stolen my full deposit, by inventing charges such as "full painting", "deep cleaning", "bank deposit fee", "processing charges", etc. (even though the unit was left in good condition). I had read many reviews/warnings of previous tenants facing the same issue, but was foolish enough to ignore them. It's a shame really, because "on paper" the location is excellent, right next to Marina Walk. But there are much better alternatives around which are even cheaper, and better reviewed: Marina Diamond 2, Manchester Tower, etc. - check these towers instead.
4.9 /5
Little Gem
I love the fact that this tower is an undiscovered gem in Marina. The security and maintenance services are perfect
4.9 /5
Great place to live!
Amazing location in the Marina, this tower is well maintained and run. The staff are very helpful and even the back office is easy to reach if needed.
4.9 /5
Great place to live!
Location is fantastic. It just misses the bad traffic in that area. Pool is very nice, the only bad thing is that it only get full sun at certain times because its on a middle floor and not the top floor. Staff are all very friendly and helpful. Nice diversity of people living here including singles and families.
4.7 /5
A Gem
A Gem in the Marina. Good Location. Calmer side of the Marina yet within a stones throw of everything
3.1 /5
5 /5
Love it!
Just love it! My vacation home in Dubai. Quality people from all over. A quiet and secure place to park my Audi and the Yellow and Black Italian. If you don't love it, please change your taste. :-) Short distance to Jebel Ali Equestrian. Best wishes to all Staff at Zumurud for the job well done.
4.4 /5
Top Notch
Great building with excellent amenities, well serviced/clean and in a brilliant location with most things a few steps away. Building has great reputation in the Marina and deservedly so!

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