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4 /5

Rimal 5

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Resident reviews

5 /5
Great location
JBR , especially Rimal 5 is and will be one of best locations to invest. Sea view , if high floor is just fantastic.
4.4 /5
We lived on the 32nd floor and the apartment with a view of the Marina was unexpectedly quiet, we were not bothered by fireworks and night noise. A gorgeous beach and the sea within walking distance is perhaps the best place in Dubai. Restaurants for every taste. Entertainment, walking area in the Marina and on the P level. You can walk to the Marina Mall
1.9 /5
Dont be fooled by sea view
We left Rimal 5 since it became so noisy at night specially if you are at high floor...cars, fireworks late night, music. JBR is great however if you need to move her, i would suggest a Marina view...You will pay high premium for the sea view whereas you only nice view during the day.
2.3 /5
Shared apartments
There are shared apartments especially at lower floors, 10-12 people living at one apartment, so, not family-friendly and clean. The maintenance is poor, it takes weeks to fix an elevator for example.
4.4 /5
Good building
Rimal is a nice building in JBR. But the apartments are very old. Some of them have issues with their washrooms. Rest it is good.
5 /5
Amazing walks and restaurants
You will find many restaurants that fits your taste but most of them are a bit fancy ones.good place for walk 2-3hrs.amazing sites and place.
5 /5
There is a lot of activities,the view is great