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4.4 /5

Rimal 6

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Resident reviews

5 /5
Rimal amongst other towers is one of the better ones in JBR. Great location. Apartment plans for RImal 6 are way better than other towers.
4.7 /5
Rimal 6 is the best located block in JBR
Friendly staff, clean and well maintained. Apartments overlooking JBR and the Dubai Eye have fantastic views. Nice swimming pool and gym. Absolutely love living here and would highly recomend to anyone!
4 /5
The apartment is spacious, Pool is perfect size, not to busy, perfect location for the beach
5 /5
Best in JBR & Marina
Rimal 6 is right opposite the most touristy, best restaurants, cinema etc in JBR. Single building ensures highest standards of maintenance and upkeep.
4.7 /5
Rimal 6 is the best one in JBR!
Currently renting on the 23rd floor in Rimal and am very happy there. It is very quiet and the view to the sea and marina are fantastic! Convenient for The Walk, shopping and everything. The building is well maintained and the staff are friendly too.
3.7 /5
Location and building is great
There a lot of activities here.good management and security
4 /5
Great and nice building
The staff is friendy and accommodating, facilities is totally great

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