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3.5 /5

Reef Residence

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4.3 /5
Reef Residence Resident
Highlights; Superb panoramic views Spacious apartment High ceiling Modern finish Supermarket in building 24 hours a day Communal area & pool Opposite park
4 /5
Cooling charges
Building in overall has an amazing Panorama view, high finishing and it feel's amazing place to live there . Very nice pool for swimming and spacious gym. The main and mostly only problem is cooling charges. Managment of building requests from you to pay, which is not the part of the deal and contract, and I believe I am not the only tenant having this problem. Hope they will solve that problem, unless I will leave the building, and will advice everybody to not rent property there. Cheers!
4 /5
Reef Residence
Very good new building with great views and amazing facilities. As all new buildings there are things like procedures, lobby furniture, etc that need to be amended, and OA are working on it.
4.4 /5
I am living in a building since year, and it’s been very good, pleasant stay so far, over all facilities in a building is far better than compare to other buildings in JVC. Specially View and quality of building is excellent
1.7 /5
We need to expect much better quality
After living in the building for 6 months it was very clear that there are a number of things wrong. While building and construction quality in Dubai cannot be compared to that of what you'd expect in other markets for the price you're paying, this building is particularly poor in both the quality of the finishings in the apartments, as well as that of the services you use in the building; i.e. the trash shoots and the elevators. Out of 4 elevators, one or two are consistently inoperable and the apartments near the trash shoot reek of garbage. The finishings inside the apartments are cheap, and the kitchen cabinets are practically useless, save a few of them. The security and staff in the building are dangerous and I have seen and also heard of things they have done with other tenants that should be illegal. Allowing people into the building and up to someone's apartment without that tenant's permission is the opposite of what building security is paid to do. Construction on the roads in JVC has been constant and it is clear there is zero plan when it comes to JVC being an actual community. There is no guest parking around the building, and should the police come around, cars would be ticketed. Finally, the outstanding colossal issue of the Empower implementation. Hundreds of tenants randomly found half thought out notices about a "bill" that was to come by the end of 2018, for basically a year's worth of cooling charges, and with a due date of 7 days later! In line with the complete ineffectiveness of the agents most of us are subject to in Dubai, tenants weren't even made aware there should be a separate bill for cooling. Other buildings in Dubai include cooling in DEWA, and given there was nothing separate for cooling here, that would be a reasonable assumption here also. Not only is this haphazard, it appears fraudulent and will cause many disputes between tenants and landlords. After over a year of this building having been completed, not one plant or chair has been added to the exterior or the lobby. and only in December did a sign actually go up that notes the building's name. With thousands of units available for tenants in the city, no one should put up with quality and service this poor.
2.7 /5
AL Reef tower
I have very bad experience with the noise pollution in this tower. Although the view of the apartements is impressive but unfortunately the sound insulation of the apartments is very bad so you hear all the traffic noise even if you closed the Windows and your neighbors conversations.
3 /5
Opinion after living here for a almost a year
Overall the building is clean and looks well presesnted, but infact finnishing quality isnt great once you look closely. Window structure is hallow and easily transfers neighbours noise to the apartments aswell as street noise and that being on the 34th floor, so imagine how it would be in a lower floor.
3.7 /5
Reef Residence
The amenities in the building are very nice, but the staff and security, they are not professional
3.6 /5
Al Reef Residence
Nice residence no major complains