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4.5 /5

Mosela Waterside Residences

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Resident reviews

4.3 /5
One of the best in The Views
I am living in this building for last 3 months. Building quality is great. It has the higher build quality that new Emaar projects have. Very friendly staff. Great pool and gym. Nice terrace area with BBQ spaces and free space for outside activities...love it
4.6 /5
Amazing Home
I’m writing as the current occupant of this apartment. I’ve lived here for near on 3 years and would absolutely NOT be moving if my company was not requiring me to move in to company provided housing. This property is owned by a wonderful, open-minded and understanding landlady and Nitin, the agent, is very approachable and easy to work with. The views are spectacular, the space very generous and the location simply the best. Anyone living here would not be disappointed. Absolutely worth seeing with your eyes.
4.7 /5
We won’t move
One of the best in dubai , friendly staff, my son used to call it our hotel for the first 6 month :)

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