Apartments for rent in Al Karama

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Apartments for rent in Al Karama

A blend of old established properties, and modern new builds, AL Karama is one of the best designed and constructed residential compounds in downtown of Abu Dhabi City. It is an expat residential area in Abu Dhabi, that is most popular with the variety of its expatriate community and is in the middle of hustle and bustle of the city. Though in the heart of the metropolis, Al Karama is set apart with a suburban feel of tranquility and liveliness. It is basically located mid- island in the downtown area which makes Al Karama quite a central location close to and surrounded by all the city conveniences offering the best flats available in Karama.

In terms of accommodation, not only is the area famous for its Flats for rent but also, there are villa compounds both old and more recently built to portray a mix of properties satisfying every taste. There are numerous low rise buildings in the area, with some of the buildings being about 20 years old which is ancient in Abu Dhabi housing terms, yet contain contemporary apartments for rent in Karama. One can still find some classic architecture for the refined taste of a high class elegant flat for rent in Karama.

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Widely Popular One Bedroom Flats in Karama

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The housing groups usually come with many communal facilities and are conveniently away from the heavy traffic and noise. Property in this popular area is in high demand for its safe community feel in a prime location and the most sought after property are apartments for rent in Al Karama. It is a great place for families as homes are surrounded by big trees giving a feeling as if in a green village. Children can play outside under the tree shades even in the peak summer in the lush gardens or children's play areas available for the residents. Some of the most suitable and usually pursued family homes are 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Al Karama, as they are spacious and well accommodating for most families.

Being a safe and quiet area, Karama is popular with families but is also is also common with expat couples and singles from the western countries who prefer 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Al Karama. Besides the tranquil atmosphere, the location is a primary reason for people seeking homes in the area. Many professionals working in the business sectors of the metropolis want to return to a comfortable nearby home; and a 1 bhk apartment for rent in Al Karama contains one bedroom, hall and kitchen which sums up all the conveniences. Additionally, most single expats go for a studio flat in Karama for its exclusivity and modern layout. Studio flats for rent in Karama are a great bargain in terms of price as they happen to be the least expensive form of accommodation. Therefore, every taste and need will be satisfied in Karama.