Hannah Darby

Hannah Darby

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Hannah is UK born, and has a wealth of Real Estate experience. Since joining haus & haus she has shown huge amounts of enthusiasm and experience, giving her clients an outstanding service from start to finish. Hannah has worked in the property industry since 2008; working from the bottom to managing her own award winning branch, which is testament to her dedication to the job and her clients.

Taking a break from property in 2016, Hannah left the UK for a sunnier climate and headed over to Asia & Australia, which after a year of travelling & exploring - found herself back in sales. Not property sales this time, instead she tried her hand at adventure travel and exceeded her wildest dreams. In 3 short years she was a territory manager of New Zealand, & lead teams to become the top earner in the company.

Without a doubt, Hannah is an asset to our team and will always strive to go above and beyond for her clients. This is evident in her monthly results and client reviews.
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