Raj Deo Singh

Raj Deo Singh


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I am from north part India, I Speak English, Hindi, Urdu and Marathi Languages fluently. I am a science graduate, Diploma holder in Electronics. But started my career in the Hospitality field since long back. Before the real estate career my last job was as Food & Beverage Manager in a 4-star deluxe hotel in old town Dubai. I worked in the hotel Industry around 15 years in Dubai only.

But eventually, that was not my dream job. So I quit and joined the real estate industry in the year 2012. I found it very exciting and fruitful. I enjoy being in this business. After working with my previous company Quality Homes Real Estate I got a vast knowledge of the real estate. I developed my skill towards a good consultant and fine negotiator. I joined Driven Properties in May 2016, to use my utmost skill and make a difference in the life.
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