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Sam McCone


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I grew up in Dubai, as my family moved here back in 1992 when my dad joined Emirates. After completing my bachelor in International Relations, I decided to move back to Dubai and considered myself well suited for a career in real estate.After working for Appello Real Estate from 2011 to 2012, I decided to set up my own company called McCone Properties, which has now been running for over six years and has been responsible for over 1500 transactions.Although my primary role is as Managing Director of McCone Properties, I still spend much of my time working with clients looking to buy property here in Dubai.I enjoy taking a relaxed approach with my clients, making sure that they have all the necessary options and information before they move ahead with any purchase.I like to think that I always have my client's interest as my main priority and look to build long term relationships with them so that I can truly understand what they need and want now and further down the line.
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