10 free apps to make life in Dubai easier

propertyfinder.ae has come up with a list of top 10 apps that are guaranteed to make your life in Dubai easier.



WAZE is a traffic app which warns you of upcoming speed cameras, accidents and traffic jams. It also helps you send personalized directions to your friends and family.

2. MyDXB













With real time flight information along with flight status updates, this clever app assures there will be no looking bewildered at the departure board. There’s also shopping, food and drink info; our only gripe with it is the unimaginative use of colour and design.

3. Careem


Careem is a homegrown car service that allows you to avoid standing in the heat, waiting for a cab. The app gives you the option to choose your car model and if you’re short on cash you can simply pay with your card.

4. Food On Click

food on click

Hungry? Don’t feel comfortable with talking to strangers on the phone? Easy. Food On Click is one of the most popular apps in Dubai which allows you to browse through thousands of restaurants and choose food items, toppings and special orders.

5. Dubai Calendar


Know what’s happening in and around Dubai. Dubai Calendar is a regularly-updated app revolving around Dubai’s cultural, entertainment and official events.

6. propertyfinder.ae


The official app from the UAE’s number one property portal. If you’re looking to rent, buy or sell a property in Dubai, this user-friendly app offers you thousands of listings and customizable search options.

To download the app for Android, click here.

To download the app for iOS, click here.

6. Dubai Emoji

dubai emoji

This app is just plain entertaining. The world’s first city-themed emoji collection that includes dozens of Dubai-specific emojis including a number plate 1 Range Rover.

7. Dubai mParking


Pay your parking tickets fast and easy. This app saves your information and automatically generates an SMS to pay for your parking, and sends you reminders when your parking ticket is about to expire.

8. Dubai Metro

dubai metro

This app provides you with all the essential information about metro stations, routes and lanes in Dubai. If you haven’t gotten the hang of the metro system in the city, this app is your savior.

9. Google Maps

Google Maps

Forget about getting lost on your way to an important meeting or a job interview, Google Maps is the most up-to date GPS service that gets updated regularly and helps you choose the easiest routes available, and gives the option of finding tall-free roads.

10. Google Drive


Have all your files, documents and contacts in one place at your disposal. Google Drive offers an easy access to a large virtual storage, so whenever you find the need to dig up that old document, you wouldn’t have to go back to your computer, it’s just a couple of clicks away!



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