Abu Dhabi’s most popular parks among the most outdoorsy

Having a park in close proximity from a property is definitely on many people’s checklists. Abu Dhabi’s parks cater for so many favourite outdoors activities, from walks to picnics and cycling. Here are our top picks that capture the beauty of the Emirate right in the backyard of the UAE’s capital.

Baniyas park 



You’ll find Baniyas in the outskirts of Al Mafraq on the drive out to Al Ain; it constitutes one of the few green patches amid the desert. The park is one of the first and easiest to access. It features a track which has made it very popular among joggers, cyclists and motorcyclists as well. In addition to the track, it has a children’s playground which will keep the youngest members of the family busy while you are jogging.


Family Park at the Corniche



Abu Dhabi Corniche is not only famous for its free beach, but also for its parks; each displaying a unique character and different attractions. The Family park is definitely one destine to the more outdoorsy types thanks to the BMX track.


Khalifa park



Khalifa park is 500,000 square meters big; hence it would be very useful if you would have a good sense of direction or some sort of GPS when visiting. It is also safe to say that there is enough space to fit more than just grass and a few picnic tables. In fact, this park fits a train ride, library, history museum, aquarium, a bicycle area, fountains, paddling pools, and a shallow river for more aquatic fun.


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