10 things to check before signing your tenancy contract

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You have found your nest in the alluring city of Dubai and now need the lowdown on signing the tenancy contract with no mishaps in foresight. propertyfinder is here to break it down for you in just a few easy steps.

Mountains of documents, laws, and bills can be daunting at first. Verifying you have these items on your checklist before signing the contract with a landlord will insure you are not waving off any necessary information.

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The essential 10 revealed

  1. Be certain that the property is a verified listing. propertyfinder is adamant on this one and all our listings have the seal of approval to assure you are getting exactly what you searched for.
  1. Guarantee the landlord is the owner of the property. Ask to check the name title deed and double check it is the same as the one mentioned on their passport. Remember, subletting can only happen with the consent of the landlord.
  1. Ask the landlord for proof of payment on all the service charges and utilities. This is essential to avoid random knocks on your door for outstanding bills.
  1. Look up your agency on RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency). Stay safe and make sure the agency you are dealing with is licensed.
  1. Request a copy of your broker’s RERA card. Keep it transparent and show your knowledge by knowing who the regulators are in town.

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  1. Schedule a visit to the property with the landlord and ensure the condition of the property is as requested. We live in the digital age, so photos can be downloaded, photoshopped or even be of better days of your new potential pad. Make a day of it and go see the property. This would probably also encourage you to check the building and area and envision your new life.
  1. Make sure the landlord is signing the contract themselves. Don’t take any excuses, even if you have to reschedule a new date. By UAE law, the tenant and landlord are the most important signatures on the contract.
  1. Read the terms mentioned in the contract and make sure it mentions that the landlord is responsible for any major repairs. Any repairs exceeding AED 200 should be the responsibility of your landlord.
  1. Do not pay the agency fees until you have been handed all the keys and cards. As tempting as it is to get all the boring payments out the way, don’t rush it. There will be plenty of time to get your dream sofa.
  1. Make sure receipts of cheques are provided. Any money that has been paid by yourself or those involved in your move should be documented properly to avoid fingers pointing in the wrong direction.

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You are now ready to sign your tenancy contract! And of course, purchase that dream sofa.

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