Christmas Decorations That Will Make Your Home Stand Out!

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, will jingle very soon. This is why you better get ready to celebrate this joyful time of the year. The best way to get ready is to decorate your home with colorful ornaments and a blossoming Christmas tree. If you live in Dubai, we will help you in this article to find out everything about the best Christmas decorations in Dubai, starting from where to buy them to how to decorate them.

best christmas home decoration

Christmas Home Decoration Types:

Tree Decoration:

You might be wondering, “what are the decorations that I need to buy?” or “according to what should I decorate my home?” We have answers for all of your questions, but first, let’s talk about decoration types. There is a huge number of Christmas decoration items that you can buy. The most remarkable item to buy is the Christmas tree, that can be either artificial or real. If you are looking for famous Christmas ornaments in Dubai, then you can go after Christmas glass baubles, Christmas wreaths, candy canes, and Christmas stockings. There are more types of Christmas tree decorations in Dubai that you can find at many Christmas-gift shops.

Table Decoration:

You don’t want your furniture to look boring, or at least like it does the rest of the year. Therefore, you need to add some Christmas table decorations whether it is in the dining room, the living room, or the kitchen. The best “Xmas decorations” that you can add to your tables are Christmas shaped mattresses, red boxed-gifts, and tinsel decorations.

Lights Decoration:

If Christmas for you is shiny and luminous festivities, you can check out the available options for Christmas lights in Dubai. The first thing you should go for is the light string that can bend easily around anything to give a cheerful and bright sight in any room. Light strings can be used around Christmas trees, staircases, and snowman wreath. They can also make perfect wrapped globe lights, and they can be put in transparent vases. Another source of Christmas lights can be found in Chinese lanterns or ornament lanterns.

Other Home Decoration:

You have the chance to show all the sparkling Christmas decorations at every spot in your home. You want to decorate the walls, floors, and even the doors. Some people start with hanging ornament wreaths on their doors, others hang welcoming-Christmas pictures on the walls. As for the floors, you can find snowman-mats or simply throw white-red pillows around. Also, if you have a fireplace, you can hang Christmas stockings or hats all around it for a classic Christmas home decor.

Home Decoration Types

Where to Buy Christmas Decorations:

You don’t need to wonder anymore, we will now list you the top Christmas decorations shops in Dubai to make it all easy for you. First of all, there are two ways to buy Christmas decorations; you can visit shops, browse and choose, or you can buy online via online websites. Let’s explore each option!


1- The Christmas Decoration Warehouse:

Many people consider it the best place to buy Christmas decorations from; it has everything that has to do with Christmas from head to toe. It is a wide place that includes fake trees with all sizes, baubles, lights, wreaths, and gift bags at reasonable prices. It is located in Falcon Gallery, Behind Oasis Centre, and in front of Al Quoz Cemetery, Al Quoz.

2- Carrefour UAE:

At Christmas time, it creates a specific section for Christmas decorations that has plenty of wrapping paper, tinsels and cheap decor options.

3- IKEA:

This is known as one of the best Christmas decoration stores, and home decor in general. It’s a great place to browse for wreaths, themed decorations, and gingerbread for reasonable prices. 

4- Marina Home:

It’s a magical place that collects wonderful lights, wreaths, ornaments, and many other beautiful Christmas stuff.



For the best place to buy Christmas ornaments, head to A global website that has a large section including a lot of Christmas ornaments, mini Christmas tree decorations, candy sticks and a lot more. It also is known for its cheap prices; the Christmas Tree bauble’s price ranges between 1.60 – 10 DHs.


Another great website for buying anything to do with Christmas for cheap prices. Best things to find there are light strings, mini snowmen, and Christmas Tree ball baubles, which are sold at 30 – 80 DHs.


Amazon is a well-known online website that delivers anywhere in the world and is considered one of the finest places to buy Christmas decorations online in Dubai. It’s known for gift bags, bowknots, Christmas Wall Hangings, and Christmas bells. The Christmas Tree bauble’s price varies, but the range is 25 – 80 DHs.


This website is an outstanding online shop that facilitates for you buying any Christmas ornament. It includes Christmas bow ornaments, Reindeer Antlers Headbands, and tree baubles that are sold for 30 – 270 DHs.

Where to Buy Christmas Decorations

Where to Buy Christmas Trees:

Since we’ve covered the places for Christmas tree decorations, it’s time to talk about where to get those trees from.

1- Dubai Garden Center:

In case you’re looking for a real Christmas tree in Dubai, you should probably hit the Dubai Garden Center. This center has got scented trees that reach up to 2.5 meters (8 feet). They will certainly make an eye-catching centerpiece.

2- Home Centre:

This is one of the best places for artificial Christmas trees in Dubai. They have those pre-lit Christmas trees that come in an exquisite hedge. They will be better for high-ceiling homes as they stand at 1-3 meters (6-10 feet) tall, but they also have small glass trees for dining rooms.

3- Spinneys:

If what you’re looking for is a real tree for Christmas, Spinneys should be your destination. They have got trees transported from the USA, and they also got fresh pine wreaths for doors and they’re selling them at 85 DHs. Spinneys is also considered one of the most suitable shops to find a cheap Christmas tree price in Dubai.

4- Ace Hardware:

Since you’re wondering where to buy Christmas tree in Dubai, we have to bring up this store, because it has large sections for real and artificial trees with an average price of 200 DHs. Also, they have the snowy trees that give the impression of the freezing weather in a non-freezing country. The trees are shipped from North America, and they’re in all shapes and heights. That is why Ace Hardware is considered one of the finest places to buy Christmas trees in Dubai.

Where to Buy Christmas Decorations

The above list shows everything you need to know about where to buy Christmas decorations in Dubai and how to utilize them. Now, we wish you and your family the merriest Christmas and hope that this list was beneficial for you and your home.

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