Your Decor Guide for Homeschool Is Here

It’s the back to school season and surely there are a lot of preparations. Now, part of the school is at home, isn’t it? Don’t worry; we’ve got you! 

Through this article you will find various homeschool decorating ideas to make your sweet house ready for online classes and home studying. 

This will make your kid very excited about the school season. Let’s start the back to school home decor!

Homeschool decor

1. Walls 

Kids love decorated walls; it’s the first thing that catches their attention. It will be a great idea if you specify a part of the wall for their learning process to make it more interesting and joyful.

Find below some cool ideas for homeschool walls decor: 

  • You can stick some educational panels and paintings to the walls according to the educational year and curriculum. It would be perfect if they’re in different colors to grab your kid’s attention. 
  • A nice thing also for homeschool walls art decor is decals; you can find different shapes and designs like “Back to School,” “Home Sweet Classroom,” or other motivational quotes. 
  • Printables for homeschool decor are really cool and make the studying process easier and entertaining. You just need a glue tack to stick them to the wall, and voila! 
    • For Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade homeschool room decor ideas, the colorful alphabet, numbers, and animal names printables are good for a fast learning process.
    • You can print a to-do list with the homeworks and tasks, class time tables, the studying plan, or a calendar with vacant squares so your child can plan each month.
Homeschool wall decor

2. Shelves 

Shelves are the best option for placing your children’s books and notebooks in a handy spot. You can also put some small toys or frames to make it look more fashionable and catchy. 

Here is how you can use shelves for homeschool room decoration ideas on a budget: 

  • For a nice room look, situate three white shelves in a straight pattern to place the books on them.  
  • You can hang just two shelves with matching colors to the room’s color, making one for the notebooks and the other for the books 
  • If you love multifunctional items, then you will love shelves with hangers below.
  • For unique shelves, you can find the u-shaped shelves on which you can place the books vertically without falling down.  
Back to school home decor

3. Tables

A homeschool setting needs the addition of more tables to your house with different models, shapes, and sizes. Don’t worry; we know well that it is a whole new experience, but it’s going to be interesting!

You will find below different usage and needs for tables during the school season. 

  • You can place a small side table in the their room for fresh juices, water, or snacks while studying 
  • Foldable tables are a good option if your child wants to do the homework in the garden or balcony for some fresh air
  • If the internet connection doesn’t reach your child room, then the lap desks are perfect. They can attend their classes or even do their online homework in any room using it instead of putting the laptop on their laps. 
  • How about placing a small round or square table with a couple of chairs in the kitchen? It’ll be your savior from the hassle of leaving the kitchen to help your little ones in their homework. 
    • While you’re in the kitchen, your kid will be sitting on the table just next to you! 
Home school decor
KNARREVIK Side table in IKEA: AED 39

4. Door

Redesigning doors adds a lot to the whole setting especially for the kids room; they get so excited. 

To make school time more engaging, we are bringing you some decorating ideas for the room door! Your child will love it, undoubtedly!

  • A “Kindergarten Time” or “School Time” banner to hang it when it’s time for class
  • Hanging a poster of their favourite cartoon or hero will look perfect for room door design at preschool stage
  • How about pining up their name’s first letter on the door’s center? It is a cool idea for a customized door design
  • On the door’s center or at its top put a “Sweet Classroom” decal. It’ll look amazing to match the homeschool decorations.
Homeschool decorating rooms

5. Desk

They say that our mind is affected by our sitting position. That’s why it’s important to make sure your child has a nice desk to study on for full concentration; no more studying on sofas or beds! 

  • If your children’s room is spacious, you can buy a large desk. A white one would be perfect for a colorful room. 
    • There are also nice desks in brown, beige, and black; those will be suitable if the room’s bed and cupboard have the same shades. 
Homeschool furniture ideas
  • For small cozy homes, the space saving desks are the ultimate model. You just fix the desk to the wall, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can use its lower area for storage too. 
    • It’s one of the coolest furnishing ideas for homeschool rooms with small spaces.
  • You can also find another design which is the foldable desk; it’s fixed to the wall with brackets to fold it once your kid finishes using it. 
  • Instead of buying two desks for your kids, a smart solution is the horizontal long desk that is fixed to the wall only with no legs. 
    • You can customize it according to the size and design that your children need.
Setting up a homeschool room
  • Colorful studying tables are the best idea for homeschool desks for kindergarten stage. 
    • You can choose between red, yellow, and orange desks; they will impress your little one. 
Preschool homeschool room
MAMMUT Desk in IKEA: AED 149

6. Organizing Units 

The organizing units are our home savers; without them we would be in a huge mess, right? As we’re recommending some ideas for homeschool furniture, the organizing units are essential. 

All the small items, books, notebooks, pens, and so on can be stored in the organizing unit to find them in one place. 

Let’s see what will suit you! 

  • Bookcases and Shelving Units 
    • They’re a good option if you don’t want to fix shelves to the wall. You can buy one, making it your kid’s small library where they can store their whole year studying books or stories. 
    • A nice spot to situate them is next to the bed or the cupboard. 
    • If you have a vacant area, put the shelving unit or the bookcase in the middle of the wall. For a flawless final look, situate on the top a small vase, flower pots, tiny games, or a family photo; small details make a huge difference. 
    • The bookcase and shelving units have various sizes and shapes to match your house space.
Home school setting
GERSBY Bookcase/ Shelving Unit in IKEA: AED 115
  • Cabinets
    • This is a nice choice for storing your child’s supplies and having stunning decor too. You can buy a large one to put it in one of the room’s corners.
    • If you don’t have space, you can bring two small cabinets, situating them at the two sides of your little one’s bed. 
    • Don’t forget to place a colorful cover or a simple one on their surface, depending on the furnishing. Those details make a huge difference for the total room design.  
Homeschool room ideas ikea
BRIMNES Cabinet in IKEA: AED 245
  • Drawer Units
    • Drawers are so important when it comes to decorating rooms for homeschool. 
    • Now your child won’t have just a couple of drawers; you can bring them a drawers unit with any number of drawers they need. 
    • If your child’s desk is horizontally fixed to the wall, the drawers unit could be placed underneath. 
    • You can also bring just one large drawers unit in case you don’t have wide space for many units. 
Must-haves for homeschool room
STUVA / FRITIDS Drawers Unit in IKEA: AED 595

7. Lighting

Good lighting is essential for the safety of your kids’ eyes. The room’s lighting may give them full coverage but when it comes to studying on the desk they need more focused light. 

  • Long standing lighting unit could be situated next to the desk or the studying table
  • You can also buy desk lamps if there’s an empty space
  • If you don’t want the typical lamp’s light, the new LED lighting units are the ultimate choice for a full light coverage. They have endless shapes and designs to find the one that completes the room’s look.
Homeschool room decor

8. Accessories 

Accessories complete your house’s homeschool decor. Find below the needed homeschool accessories to make the whole experience faultless. 

  • Pencil Case. It is one of the must-haves for homeschool room decor; you can choose the design your kid loves whether cartoons or one in their favourite color. 
    • They can easily find their pens, pencils, highlighter, ruler, coloring pens, and rubber. 
Homeschool decor ideas 2nd grade
ANILINARE Pencil Case in IKEA: AED 9
  • Small Notice Board. Notice boards are very helpful for your kids where they can stick the important notes and reminders so they don’t forget them. 
Homeschool station ideas
SVENSÅS Notice Board in IKEA: AED 39
  • Comfortable Chair. Your child’s studying chair should be comfortable to help them in concentrating well whether during the online classes or studying.
Homeschool room ideas kindergarten
VIMUND Chair in IKEA: AED 295

Bring Those Ideas to Reality

If you are wondering from where you can find all these varieties of decorating material, then check the below list. 

It includes the best places for furnishing and decorating items. You can also order online; they deliver to your doorstep! 

Homeschool workspace ideas
  • IKEA (Store and Online) 

It has endless models and kinds of kids furniture and decorations. You will find all the mentioned homeschool room ideas at IKEA.

Store Location: Dubai Festival City.

  • (Online) 

Amazon is a recognizable online shopping website that you can blindly trust. You have numerous options for kids furniture that will help you get your home ready for school. 

You can also find material for your DIY homeschool room ideas. 

  • Cozy Home (Online)

Cozy Home offers you a wide variety of furnishing options with a specific department for homeschool decorations. Not just that, they have decorating accessories and items to complete the look.    

Now you’ve many ideas for the back to school home decoration. Whatever your house’s size or design the above recommendations will perfectly suit it. 

Not just that, the new ideas for homeschool workspace will make your children excited for the new year and also manage this new challenge! 

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