Awesome Decoration Ideas for UAE National Day

The UAE National Day is on the 2nd of December which means it’s approaching! How about making it unforgettable this year? This sounds interesting! Since this time it’s a 5-day long holiday, then there must be a lot of home visits and celebrations. 

Let’s make this time more exciting and memorable with some customized and easy decorations for the UAE National Day.

1. UAE Flag

The UAE flag is the ultimate decoration item while celebrating this day! You can use it in different ways and areas to have an outstanding decoration for the UAE National Day. 

Let’s see how you can use it to decorate your home:

Living Room

  • You can buy a medium-sized flag and hang it on one of the walls vertically or horizontally as you like.
  • The flag with a stand is a nice decoration option, to move it easily from one spot to another. Placing it at one of the corners is a perfect idea.


  • You can put a “Happy National Day” banner or poster with the flag’s colors on the door; it’s a very cool idea. 
  • Also the paper flag is a good option to stick it on the door’s center.


  • Bring a long flag and attach it to the balcony’s fence from the outside, and voila! It’s one of the easiest ideas for the UAE National Day decoration.
  • You can also hang it to the balcony’s wall, to spread the happy vibe whenever someone is passing by! 


  • If you like the idea of the standing flag, then you can put it in the garden’s entrance. 
  • Choose from the different sizes of flags the one that suits you, then hang it on one of the trees in your garden. Just make sure it’s in the garden’s entrance.

2. Balloons

Whatever our age, playing with and seeing balloons bring us happiness and joy. On such a happy occasion, balloons are the perfect choice for an outstanding decoration yet simple one.  

Here are some decoration ideas for UAE National Day using balloons.

Living Room

  • Just bring balloons in the UAE flag’s colors and put them on the floor. It makes a beautiful final look! 
  • For a matchless decoration, fill the balloons with Helium, then let them fly to reach the ceiling. Now you have a decorated ceiling that is full of balloons.
  • You can stick the balloons on the frame of the windows or on one of the walls, in the order of the flag’s colors. It’s an effortless way to customize the flag.

Kids Room

  • Above the bed, just stick three balloons in the flag’s colors to the walls.
  • You can also find already customized balloons for the national day with a “Happy National Day” or  with the Emirates flag printed on it.

Those will look great on the door; just make sure they’re strongly attached to the door.


  • At the balcony, you should use a strong sticking tape for the balloons to avoid them flying away. You can attach them to the wall or to the fence.
  • For the balcony or garden, if you want the free look of the balloons, you can bring a long string with a metal ring at its end. 

Fasten it to the balloons and now you have standing balloons flying right and left with the breeze.

3. Magnets

Decorative magnets are the easiest items to use while making a new decoration, aren’t they? It’s like adding some colors to plain paper. 

Since you’re decorating your home for the UAE National Day, let’s see how you can use them for an amazing look. 

You can buy magnets to put them on the fridge; here are some designs to choose what you like:

  • The Emirates Flag magnet
  • Three magnets in red, green, and white to put them on the fridge in the traditional colors
  • A magnet with the UAE’s known attractions (Borg Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and so on)
  • One with “Happy National Day.”

4. Flag Buntings 

Flag buntings are the perfect item to spread the vibe in the whole house! They give a very cheerful look. Find below how you can add them to your house. 

Home Entrance 

We can’t leave the home’s entrance plain; some decorations will be fabulous! You will just hang flag buntings to the ceiling whether in an even pattern or a random one; it’s according to your preference. 

Living Room

  • You can add a flag bunting to the upper side of the windows, on the walls, or to the ceiling hanging criss-cross to each other.
  •  If you want a simple decor you can go for the windows decor only. For a detailed decoration, then decorate both the ceiling and walls. 

Kids Room

  • Above the desk, you can place a bunting medium in length. 
  • How about two long buntings hanging parallel to each other from the ceiling? It will look very nice. 


  • You can hang it to the ceiling, along the balcony’s length
  • For a simple and delicate decoration, cut the bunting into short pieces and stick them to the balcony’s walls leaving a space between each one. 

Besides, you can add a balloon to those spaces or leave them empty, as you prefer.


Above the balloons hung on the trees, situate a flag bunting to complete your garden’s design.

Now your home is ready with those outstanding decoration ideas for the UAE National Day. It’s going to be different this year; Happy National Day! 

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