DIY Wednesday: How to increase your storage space?

The cool season is almost over, and before you know it you will be putting back the wool sweaters and leather boots and taking out the summer dresses. But where in the world are you going to store your winter clothes? offers you the smartest ways to increase your storage space at home without making it look messy.

Store inside your furniture

Next time you’re shopping for furniture, pay a little more and get the bed/sofa/puff that comes with storage space inside it. Trust, it will come in handy. DuoSofaStorage


Buy furniture with creative storage

Buying a desk? Why not get the one with attached shelving units and drawers? Re-doing your bathroom? Why not opt for sink with storage space underneath it?


Turn unwanted furniture into storage space

This is probably the smartest – yet the hardest – way to create storage space in your home. Have a bookcase that is too small, or too “meh”? Flip it on its side and turn it into a sofa bench by adding a small mattress and a couple of cushions. Then buy some storage boxes and you not only have new storage space, but also a new piece of furniture.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 20.34.46

Buy nice looking storage containers

If you don’t have any of the above and absolutely need to use huge storage boxes to hide your compulsive collector’s habit, then at least buy pleasant-looking boxes that could be seen as decorative pieces.


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