Dubai Creek Tower: A Step Towards the Future

Emaar’s Dubai Creek Tower is nothing less than perfect. The tower is designed by the extremely creative Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. His design is a mixture of Arab minarets and the lily flower, in addition to Calatrava’s own vision that became this wonder.

The innovation in design is not the only triumph of the tower. So far the tallest building known is Burj Khalifa Tower but compared to Dubai Creek Tower, the latter is about 100 meters taller. 

Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai Creek Tower Location

The tower is located in Dubai Creek Harbour, overlooking Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, Dubai.

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Nearby Attractions

Here are some of the most famous attractions close to Dubai Creek Tower.

  • Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary: 14 minutes away
  • Dubai International Airport: 14 minutes away
  • Dubai Mall: 20 minutes away
  • Dubai Square: 23 minutes away.


There are great facilities that help make life more enjoyable and relaxed. Here are the most remarkable facilities available:

  • An elevated garden, the highest ever
  • The tower will be like a lighthouse. Dubai Creek will be luminous at night
  • Observation decks, 10 to be exact, where you can have a complete view of Dubai Creek Harbour and the surrounding areas.

If this is only the outside design, imagine what Dubai Creek Tower will be like on the inside!

Dubai Creek Harbour

Interesting Facts About Dubai Creek Tower Project

  • The tower is also named Burj Al Khor (Al Khor Tower) in Arabic.
  • Dubai Creek Tower’s main contractor Santiago Calatrava is also the Expo 2020 national UAE pavilion designer.

Did you know? Some of the world’s best architects were in a fierce competition to land the iconic project, bound to make history as the tallest building ever. 

In the end, it was Calatrava who pitched the winning idea for the design, taking into consideration energy efficiency, sustainability, and protection. 

  • Dubai Creek Tower’s height in meters is expected to be about 1300 meters.
  • Dubai Creek Tower floors are expected to be 210 in total.

Did you know? Dubai Creek Tower will have various visually stunning balconies rotating outside the main structure of the building. 

  • You can see all of Dubai Creek Harbour and Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary from the tower’s observation decks.

The Pinnacle Room is the highlight of the observation decks, offering unmatched panoramic views of the entire city.

Dubai Creek Tower
  • The tower is designed to look like a cable of networks as part of the overall lily-shaped structure. The delicate cables complete the leaves of the lily. The lighting beacon is the flower bud designed impeccably in an oval shape.
  • It is planned to be a tourist attraction and a commercial center. 

The ground level of the building will serve as a Central Plaza, a space for high-end retail shops, elegant eateries, education venues, and an auditorium.

  • There are some talks as well that there will be a very high mosque, the highest in the world so far, in Dubai Creek Tower. Sounds quite magical, doesn’t it?
  • Currently, Dubai Creek Tower is in progress. Dubai Creek Tower completion date is not set yet, but the initial plan is for the project to be done sometime in 2020.
  • Dubai Creek Tower’s opening date is planned to be in 2021.
  • This wonder that is Dubai Creek Tower costs a staggering $1 billion.

Finally, this project is expected to be a futuristic milestone that will not just take Dubai forward and make it one of the most important cities in the world, but all of the UAE.

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