Furnished VS unfurnished: what’s the deal?


The option between furnished and unfurnished is one that makes apartment hunting slightly more difficult than it already is, that’s why propertyfinder.ae has created a guide to help you make that final decision.


The terms “furnished” and “unfurnished” might be explanatory but what exactly should you expect to come across in each case?


Most furnished apartments are equipped with big-ticket items like beds, wardrobes, sofas, and basic kitchen appliances. Some owners highly invest in furnishing their apartments so that all you have to do is move in your personal belongings, while others give you a bit of freedom so that you can add your personal touch to the property. When you rent an unfurnished apartment, you’ll move into a space with only bare walls.


Here are 3 things you need to take into consideration when choosing between a furnished and an unfurnished property:


  1. Your taste

How important is it for you to have a personalised space? If you’re someone who’s simply looking for a neat place to live, then considering a furnished apartment might be easy for you. But if you’re someone, who needs to be surrounded by the right environment in order to feel at home, then someone else’s taste in interiors might not suit you. A furnished apartment won’t set your creative flair for interior design free; you need to learn to love your surroundings despite your personal style.



  1. Your plans to stay in Dubai

Compare the cost of buying furniture with the rent difference to evaluate which option suits you best. You might rather want to pay more on rent in order to save a good deal of money by paying less on furniture.


Furnished apartments cost significantly more than unfurnished. So, unless you have 10-25K to spare, we suggest you calculate a budget for furnishing your apartment and find an unfurnished unit to rent.


Some expatriates who are planning on staying for a short period of time in Dubai are usually looking to rent a furnished apartment. In that case, you can forget about the hassle of packing and unpacking your furniture and worrying whether that sofa fits that corner in the TV room, whether your crochet curtain covers the windows, or if the big brown wardrobe fits the wall facing the bed. Just grab your personal stuff and you’re ready to go!


However, if you’re planning on settling down in Dubai, it’s more convenient for you to buy your own furniture, so when you move homes you won’t need to start from scratch in an unfurnished apartment.



  1. Think of your dependents

If you have small children who are active and playful, renting a furnished apartment might not be the best idea. Damaged furniture will result in you losing your security deposit. It’s also important to keep in mind that even furnished apartments don’t always come with the right furniture for a kid’s room.


Pets might not be the most careful around furniture either. So, if you have any pets indoors, you might be advised to rent an unfurnished home and furnish it with more pet-suitable furniture. Otherwise, you need to be willing to pay for the possible damages your pets might leave.



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