Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors Guide

UAE is a consistently growing destination for worldwide investments thanks to its expanding markets and vital location. Because of that, UAE offers its investors a chance to get a long-term golden visa real estate investor under its laws and conditions. 

So, if you’re an investor or planning to invest in the city, the golden visa for real estate in the UAE is a great option. Through this guide you will learn all about it, how to apply, the requirements, and more. 

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Benefits of Golden Visa Real Estate Investors 

The UAE investor golden visa was launched to allow expats and foreigners to invest in UAE, along with enjoying all the benefits of living there. It’s also one of the types of investment visas in Dubai

In addition, this long-term residence visa allows expats to live in the UAE without needing a sponsor. 

There are many benefits for investors to have a golden visa such as: 

  • Getting a 6-month entry visa.
  • Having a valid visa for 5 to 10 years is also easily renewed.
  • Staying outside the UAE for more than 6 months while their residence visa is valid.
  • Sponsoring their family members of all ages.

1. Who Can Apply for a UAE Golden Visa? 

Many individuals can apply for a UAE golden visa, including real estate investors, public sector investors, entrepreneurs, distinguished students, and outstanding talents. 

So, if you are looking to obtain a UAE golden visa through purchasing real estate, then the requirements for real estate investors would apply to you. 

2. When Can Investors Apply for UAE Golden Visa? 

Obtaining an investors’ golden visa starts with owning a piece of real estate in the UAE. Below you will find a full guide that covers UAE investor golden visa requirements, application steps, fees, frequently asked questions and more. 

3. What Are the Eligibility Conditions to Apply for UAE Golden Visa Through Real Estate Investment?

In order to get a real estate investor visa in UAE, you should be eligible for it. Find below the requirements that you should meet. 

  1. Acquiring a letter from Dubai Land Department (DLD), proving that you own one or more properties valuing AED 2 million or more. 
  2. Having purchased a property through a loan from a local bank that is also authorised by the adequate local entity. 

If the previous requirements apply to you, then you will be granted a 5-year Golden Visa that is also renewed upon the same requirements and conditions.

Moreover, conditions may vary depending on the emirate itself. For instance, Abu Dhabi Residents Office requires maintaining the investment for at least 2 years after the issuing of the real estate investment visa.


For Fully owned Property 

  • A registered Purchase Agreement with the DMT. This document provides information regarding landlord, property, address, and purchase value. 
  • A Real Estate Unit Value Certificate 

Note that you need only one of the two documents mentioned above. 

For Mortgaged Property

  • Real Estate Unit Value Certificate issued by the DMT or any other authorised real estate registration in UAE 
  • Search Certificate issued by DMT. This certificate is required to prove that the property is not subjected to a seizure by any party 

For Off-plan Property 

  • A Purchase Agreement from an approved real estate developer to provide information regarding landlord, property, address, and purchase value
  • Evidence that the property’s worth isn’t less than AED 2,000,000

4. How Can You Apply for a Golden Visa as a Real Estate Investor?

Below you will find the steps to apply for a real estate investor golden visa whether in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other emirates: 

UAE golden visa website

Online application 

  1. Visit the ICP smart services website to start your application 
  2. Go to services list, and choose golden visa services 
  3. Fill out your application form 
  4. Submit required documents 
  5. Pay the fees 
  6. Then, you will receive your application through your email

Customer happiness centers 

  1. Visit your nearest centre 
  2. Get a ticket to enter the que
  3. Submit all required documents fulfilling the conditions to the officer 
  4. Pay service fees if needed 

Typing Centers

  1. Visit your nearest typing centre authorised by ICP
  2. Submit full application and documents 
  3. Pay fees if needed 

5. How Much is the Fee of Issuing a Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors?

You will find the necessary fees below according to the ICP website: 

  • Residency fees: AED 2,280
  • ID fees: AED 575
  • E-services fees: AED 28
  • ICP fees: AED 22
  • Smart services fees: AED 100 
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In this section, we will answer the frequently asked questions regarding real estate golden visas. 

1. Where Can You Apply for a Golden Visa? 

You can apply for a golden visa through several online channels, such as:

  • ICP official website 
  • Abu Dhabi Residents Office
  • The GDRFAD website 
  • UAEICP phone application 
  • Customer happiness centres 
  • Authorised typing centres 

2. What Are the Benefits of a Real estate Investor Golden Visa? 

There are many benefits to obtaining a real estate golden visa, including: 

  • Obtaining an easily renewed visa for 5 years 
  • The ability to leave UAE for 6 months straight 
  • No need for a sponsor 
  • Issuing residency permits for family members
  • Being able to sponsor domestic helpers
  • The ability to stay in the UAE till the permit ending duration if the primary golden visa holder passes away. 

3. Can Real Estate Investors Obtain a Permanent Visa? 

It is worth noting that the UAE golden visa is a long-term residency for all applicants and not a permanent residency. Having said that, renewing the golden visa can be easily done with the same requirements. 

4. How Long Is the Validity of a Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors? 

The validity of this type of visa is up to 5 years and it can be renewed if the previous conditions are still applicable. 

5. Does the Residency Duration for Real Estate Investors Differ from Outstanding Students? 

No, the duration does not differ at all. The only difference between the two is the required documents. 

6. What Are the Best Areas to Invest in Real Estate? 

Dubai’s real estate market is known for its diversity and distinctiveness in both property types and prices. Here are the top areas for investing in Dubai

Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors Guide infograph

Finally, the golden visa real estate investors give its holders many great opportunities within the UAE. You will be investing your money while enjoying a high-level residency in such an iconic country.

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