All About HAAD License

If you’re an expat who is working in the medical field and going to move to Abu Dhabi, then you need a HAAD license. It’s an essential document in order to be eligible for practice in this field.

This license is imposed by the UAE government to monitor the quality of the medical staff in Abu Dhabi. So, what are HAAD licensing processes and how to apply for it? The answers are in this detailed guide so keep reading.

HAAD License

1. What Is HAAD License in Abu Dhabi?

HAAD is a license granted by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi that authorizes individuals to work in the health sector. In other words, you can’t start working in the medical field until you get a license. 

This license is imperative because it ensures that doctors and other health practitioners meet high standards and criteria. 

To obtain this license, an application must be submitted through the DataFlow website. Many people in the medical field need to issue a it, such as:

  • Physicians  
  • Pharmacist
  • Nurse  
  • Dentist 
  • Midwives 
  • Chiropractic medicine 
  • Alternative medical practitioners such as TCM and Unani medicine 
  • Osteopathic medicine 
  • Naturopathic medicine 
  • Homeopathy. 

2. What is a DataFlow Website?

The Dataflow website helps you review the process of obtaining a HAAD certificate. Once you follow the steps listed below, the review process will begin and it involves contacting the parties that issued your documents. Overall, this service aims to give the applicant authentication of both educational and professional documents. 


3. How Can You Get HAAD License in UAE?

If you want to get this license you need to register for the exam via the official website and follow these steps: 

  • Register to HAAD website 
  • Choose “e-Licensing” and click on “Examination.”  
  • Choose the date from “Exam Scheduling.” 
  • Enter the application number. 
  • Choose “Book” button.  
  • Pay the exam fees, then print the ticket.  
  • The exam score will be sent immediately after the exam.

4. When Does HAAD License’s Exam Take Place? 

The final step to get the HAAD license is the exam, once the applicant passes all the HAADlicense verification criteria. 

Moreover, the exam takes place via an outsourced test provider called PearsonVue – you will log into it, book a suitable time and date for you, and print out the invoice because you will need it when going to the test center.

5. How Much Is HAAD License Fee?

The HAAD license costs are divided into Application fees and issuance fees. The first one is the same for all applicants; the issuance fees differ based on the applicant’s profession. For example, pharmacists’ and nurses’ issuance fee is AED 300, while the fee for physicians is AED 2600

  • Application Fee: AED 100.
  • Issuance Fee: varies according to the applicant.
HAAD License Fee

6. What Are the Required Documents for Getting HAAD License?

To apply for HAAD licensing, you should ensure that all the personal documents are written in English. You will find below the HAAD nurse license requirements which are similar to doctors, dentists and other healthcare professions: 

  1. Copy of the applicant’s passport (must be valid) 
  2. Experience certificate  
  3. Staff data clearance form 
  4. Medical malpractice insurance  
  5. Recent and valid Health Professional license issued by the relevant regulatory authority 
  6. Educational qualifications 
  7. A recent photo with white background (must be recent) 
  8. A completed declaration form signed by the applicant 

If you are also wondering about how to check HAAD license status online, you can do that through the same HAAD website.

7. How Can You Verify Your License?

HAAD license verification takes 10 working days. You should provide copies of the required documents mentioned below. 

  • Verification form
  • Previous license
  • Valid passport
  • Copy of Degree/Qualification. 

This is  in addition to a copy of the cash deposit with amount of AED 500 to this account:   

  • Bank: Dubai Islamic Bank 
  • Beneficiary Name: Dubai Health Authority – Health Regulation Sector 
  • Account number: 001700005099742 
  • IBAN: AE960240001700005099742 

All the processes including regarding HAAD can be done by Sheryan Verification especially if the HAAD license status canceled or you need to re-register.    

Sheryan website

8. How Can You Cancel Your License? 

Regarding HAAD license cancellation and re-registration, it can be done through Sheryan website.

It should be applied by a delegated healthcare facility representative and by following prerequisites such as: making sure that a new medical director fulfills the rule and is assigned to complete the service. 

Other HAAD license requirements depend on the cancellation reason until the status is canceled. 

9. What Are the Steps for HAAD License Renewal?

You can apply for HAAD license renewal every 5 years and it’s done through the following steps:  

  • Visit HAAD website 
  • Choose the required documentation  
  • Pay the requested fees in the Health Professional Licensing section 
  • You will receive your renewal by courier Empost  

Required Documents for HAAD License Renewal 

Here is the list of the documents you need upon renewing your license: 

  • A copy of your Emirates ID, passport, and photo 
  • A copy of Dataflow report 
  • Form number 1 and 2 
  • Experience certificate 
  • Copy of family book 
  • A copy of good conduct certificate 
  • Copy of health license 
  • Appointment notice 
  • Your residency transcript 
  • A copy of residency visa 

Renewal Fees 

Similarly to the exam fees, renewal fees differ from one healthcare profession to another. The application fee is AED 100. Besides, the renewal fee for physicians is AED 850, and for nurses, pharmacists, and allied health is AED 200

10. How Long Does HAAD License Transfer Take?

UAE heart

The average transfer process time is 15 days and the certificate’s validity are 6 months. You can do this by registering to Dataflow HAAD. 

That’s all about the HAAD license. You can now apply for it and start pursuing your medical career in the UAE capital. 
If you’re planning to work in the UAE’s healthcare sector in Dubai, then have a look at the DHA guide on Property Finder.

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