Top 7 Steps for Effortless House Moving in Dubai

When we think about moving, we often assume it is a pretty simple task. If you’re moving from your house inside Dubai, you can hire movers to pack everything up, and that’s it. However, moving can actually be a very stressful process if not pre-planned properly. 

So in case you’re planning to move to a new house in Dubai, we are here to help you through this process to make it less stressful and even more enjoyable. Through this article, we will discuss some tips so you don’t feel overwhelmed before moving. Let’s go over a few of the key steps!

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Step 1. Do a Checklist

This is the first step while shifting to a new home in Dubai; you should make a checklist of all the tasks you need to complete prior to moving. It’s better to start earlier rather than later to give yourself ample time to complete everything. Typically 8 weeks prior to a move is when you should start preparing your checklist.

On your checklist, you should consider some of the following things:

  1. Book a Moving Company 

We suggest doing this early as moving companies can be very busy during certain times of the year. Besides, while searching for the best moving companies in Dubai, you should answer the following questions to estimate which option suits you best. 

  • What is your moving budget?
  • Which moving company will you work with?
  • What supplies do you need? i.e., moving boxes, tape, markers, etc.

There are different home movers in Dubai so you will surely find a suitable company that matches your needs and budget, so no worries. 

Steps for Effortless House Moving in Dubai
  1. Schedule Move-Related Tasks

Most of us forget that our addresses are linked to many services that we use on a daily basis. While moving, ask yourself what subscription services are registered to your current address, like Amazon, food delivery apps, maid services, and your bank. 

Afterward, you should do the following tasks accordingly:

  • Schedule utilities for your new home
  • Plan furniture deliveries
  • Update your information with the new address.
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  1. Get Rid of Unneeded Items Prior to Moving

Here is your ultimate chance to filter all the items in your house. You will find out many things that you are either not using or don’t need anymore. Through this process, think of the items you can declutter, either for selling, donating, or disposal, so that other people can benefit from them. 

Also, what items can you use up before moving? Besides, you should use canned goods & disposable items.

  1. Create a Timeline for Packing Certain Areas/Items in Your Home 

During the process of moving, it’s important to set aside “last minute items,” like your toothbrush, phone charger, iPad, and other things that you will likely use up until the day of the move. 

Besides, make sure also to set aside all valuables such as bank cards, jewelry, passports, and important documents. These and other small valuable items should be transported with you to your new home.

In addition, while planning your timeline, you should:

  • Plan any goodbye events if you’re moving to a new city, as it’s important to prioritize quality time with close friends prior to leaving.
  • Create a checklist for your moving company to reference on the day of the move.
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Step 2. Set The Dates

Now it’s time to start thinking about your timeline and setting dates for specific tasks. You have to avoid tackling everything at once as this is one of the main factors why moving becomes a stressful and overwhelming process. Don’t be too hard on yourself; set realistic goals and start by prioritizing your timeline according to the priority level.

Step 3. Hire A Professional Organizer

A great way to reduce stress and ease your moving process is to hire a professional organizer. There are various companies that offer home-shifting services in Dubai that can assist you through this process. They will not only reduce your stress but also help to save your time and effort.

A home organizer can start by working through all of your existing items in your home in an efficient and organized way. If it’s a significant move, it’s suggested to have a team of 2-3 organizers so you can make quick progress in large spaces. 

Furthermore, a professional organizer can also assist you in the post-move process and help you to settle into your new home. In addition, having the same team from the start makes it effortless to organize your new home after relocating; this is because they are already aware of your contents and preferences. 

You can find such services through Orderly Luxe, as their team will make the process less complicated. 

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Step 4. Declutter Your Home

Moving time gives you the best chance to declutter because you are actually forced to go through your belongings. We can’t stress enough how important it is to take advantage of this part of the process. 

In addition, take time to really look through your items and get a complete understanding of everything you have. Sometimes things accumulate and we don’t even remember we had them, so it’s time for some filtering.

It’s better to go room by room, either on your own or with the organizers, to start step-by-step reviewing all your items. 

It’s important while decluttering in each room to ask yourself the following questions:

  • When was the last time I used this?
  • Will I use this in the near future?
  • Do I have a duplicate of this item?
  • Do I even like it?
Declutter Your Home in Dubai

Keep things simple with Yes or No answers. If you are really unsure of something, create a Maybe pile and come back to it later. However, make sure you revisit this pile prior to packing so you don’t move these items to your new home since you’re not sure about them

You can give away items you no longer use for donation or to friends, which gives new life to something you no longer use. In addition, you can make some extra cash in the process by selling these items on buying/selling platforms. Lastly, make sure to purge any unnecessary items that you won’t give away, donate, or sell.

Not just that, in case the moving costs are calculated according to the number of rooms or amount of goods, decluttering is a great way to save some of the overall cost. You will also feel relieved while filtering as everything will be organized. 

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Step 5. Categorize & Label

Once you are done with the decluttering, which is the toughest part, you can then begin to categorize your belongings. This step will benefit you exponentially when you move into your new home. You’ll find your items quickly instead of rummaging through a million boxes and wasting your time and effort.

Here are a few tips to follow when categorizing your belongings:

  • Put aside all the valuable belongings that will be transported with you on the day of the move, which is one of the most important things to do.
  • Separate all items that will be packed last minute and set them aside so you can easily access them until moving day
  • Don’t mix things from different rooms; keep everyone’s belongings in different sections. This makes it easier to specify the contents of each box.
  • Prepare a number of boxes, tapes, and markers to be ready for this part of the process. 

As you begin categorizing, be sure to create specific labels according to the contents of each box. This way, you will be able to sort items that you don’t use on a daily basis so they are ready to go on a moving day. It also avoids any loss of your belongings while shifting to your new house in Dubai. 

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Here are a few ways to help you in labeling the boxes:

  • Develop a Color-coded System. This is through using different color labels for each room to make it much easier, knowing where a box came from and where it is supposed to end up. 
  • Use Waterproof Labels. These boxes will go through a lot from being moved out of their original location to their new home, so having durable labels will make sure they are in good shape when you need to unpack. 
  • Label each Side of the Box. This is very helpful when it comes to trying to find something quickly. Once boxes start to stack up in your living room, having labels on each side will make the unpacking process much more manageable. 
  • Number each Box. Adding a number to each box can help you inventory each room. For example, you can number the boxes for the bedroom, living room, and kids’ room to have a specific total count. This eases the process and gives you accuracy about the number of boxes you have upon your arrival at the new location. 
  • Write Notes with the Boxes’ Content. It’s better to write a specific list on the box, including everything it contains, as your memory won’t save you.

In addition, having a professional organizer through this step will save your effort as they can give you packing tips and advice to ensure the items are safely transported. They also can aid the movers in finishing the work quickly. 

Moreover, labeling is your savior, so the moving company team will have visibility about the contents, ensuring no damage or breaks to delicate items. You will find various companies which offer house-shifting services in Dubai who can support you in such tasks.

Step 6. Pack

  • If you’ve hired movers or a home organizer to be present during this step, it’s better to give the team a checklist of items to review before they start. In addition, you should make sure that everything is clear and that you have covered any key details you want to highlight. 
  • If you’ve decided to pack up items on your own, then you’ve already done most of the hard work. After gathering the common items together, now it’s time to carefully pack them to avoid breaking. 
  • If you have unique art, make sure to ask your movers in advance for special crating boxes
  • If you are packing items yourself, make sure to use high-quality moving boxes and don’t exceed the weight limit of the box to avoid damage to any items. 
  • Double-tape your boxes to keep the box secure.
  • Make sure not to overpack the boxes
  • Put heavier items at the bottom of the box to avoid smaller or lighter items being crushed.
  • Don’t leave open space in the box as the contents might move and break during transportation.
Tips while moving in Dubai

Step 7. Get Ready to Enjoy the New Home

Following the tips above will ensure that your home shifting process is as stress-free and organized as possible! You’re now ready to move. Take time to focus on other essential tasks you need to complete prior to your new move and get ready for a new adventure in your new home!

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