Insider’s tip: to balcony or not to balcony?

A common misconception about apartments with balconies in Dubai is that they cost more than apartments with no balconies.

apartments with balconies in Dubai

Penthouse at the Palm

The square footage of the balcony is included in the total rent. For example, if you rent a 2,134sqft apartment in JLT with two balconies, the combined area of the two balconies is included in the 2,134sqft of your apartment. So you’re not really paying extra for the balcony, but you are getting a slightly smaller apartment for the same price as a slightly bigger one which doesn’t have an attached balcony.

apartments in Dubai terrace
Apartment in Old Town

When do you need a balcony when living in Dubai?


  • Are you more into an outdoor lifestyle?
  • Do you need additional storage?
  • Do you enjoy dining al fresco?
  • Is your balcony looking over the sea, the Marina, the beach or a golf course?

If balcony-envy is guiding your house-hunting, take a step back and examine some of the pros and cons of apartments with balconies:

penthouses in Dubai Marina
Penthouse in Dubai Marina


The Views:

Most apartment buildings in Dubai that have a balcony will also give you a great view! All high – rise towers give you stunning views of the city and the Arabian Gulf.


The addition of greenery to any home instantly makes it look airier! Adding fresh plants to your balcony will make a big difference to your home. Find out how you can turn your balcony into a beautiful terrace without spending a fortune with the help of our DIY guide.


Many families use their balcony as additional storage! The added space is definitely a lifesaver for some.

Sea-view apartment at Palm Jumeirah
Sea-view apartment at the Palm

When not to go for a balcony?

Face it, a balcony that leads to a smaller apartment is a waste of space (and money for space) which you’re not in a position to give up. Additionally, small balconies which are not put to use gather dust and sand, which you will have no choice but to clean up. Opt for a more spacious apartment with nice, wide windows instead, and enjoy the outdoors by going to the park. Find out why you’re better off renting a bigger flat in a non-central area than a smaller one in a central area. 

Three-bedroom apartment at the Palm Jumeirah
Three-bedroom apartment at the Palm


Choose wisely. A very small apartment that features a balcony is a complete waste of space.

Just like a yard or a patio, a balcony doesn’t give you 100% privacy either. Be prepared to have all your outdoors activities overlooked by your neighbors.


You might be faced with rules and regulations set by the landlord or building owner. Grilling, placing laundry or even covering the balcony is prohibited in many buildings.

Homes with children may be a little apprehensive about a balcony, as it could be somewhat dangerous for smaller children.

Two-bedroom apartment in Old Town
Two-bedroom apartment in Old Town
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