Jubail Mangrove Park: Explore Nature

How about going where you can enjoy and explore nature closely? It sounds so exciting! You can do this at Jubail Mangrove Park in Abu Dhabi. 

This outstanding spot is a mangrove sanctuary where you will find numerous marine and avian species. You will have the chance to watch them closely while walking along its long broadwalk. 

Get your camera ready since nature is full of unbelievable sceneries to capture!

Jubail Mangrove Park


It’s located on E12 Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Highway, Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi. 

Jubail Mangrove Park’s location is a prime one as it’s nestled between Saadiyat Island and Yas Island.  

It’s positioned on Jubail Island which is one of the best residential spots in Abu Dhabi. You can find all the details about this amazing community on Property Finder.


You will find unique attractions while touring the park, seeing different creatures and animals at each one. Besides, you can enjoy other kinds of fun activities at Jubail Mangrove Park! 

There will be guides telling you many interesting information at each spot. You won’t miss any detail and will get all your questions answered. 

Jubail Mangrove Park location

Here are the main attractions:

  • Power of the Sea. It’s an area where you can enjoy a wide view of  the sea.
  • Floating Platform. It’s a podium with a net, enabling you to watch marine life closely. 
  • Salt Collectors. This one is a stage with water collectors at various levels where you can witness the changing tides. 
  • Viewing Tower. If you want a higher spot to relish the undisturbed view, this one is for you. It’s located at the center of the park to observe it from all angels. 
  • Beach Platform. It’s a low-level podium where you can sit and put your feet into the water; cool, isn’t it? 
  • Roots of Mangrove. At this area, you will find the tree roots to see how beautiful they look! 
  • Promenade Walk. It’s a long broadwalk where you can tour the whole park.
  • Resting Corners. If you want to take a rest, you can do so at these specified spots. You will find them every few miles.

Here’s just one tip to make the best out of your visit; it’s better to go to Jubail Mangrove Park during high tides so you don’t find it dry, enabling you to spot numerous wildlife creatures.

Note that food, juices, and coffee are not allowed on Jubail Mangrove Park’s boardwalk. This is to protect wildlife.

Jubail Mangrove Park Abu Dhabi

Things to Do at Jubail Mangrove Park

At this distinguished park, there are many thrilling things to do, making your experience unforgettable and so enjoyable! 

Whether you are going with your family or friends, the activities at Jubail Mangrove Park suit all ages. Check below the exciting things that this park has to offer! 

  • Stroll Along the Mangrove Boardwalk

How about walking among real mangroves? This really sounds exhilarating! At this park, you can enjoy strolling along a 2 km broadwalk where the green mangroves surround you.

Not just that, if you looked down at the sea, you’ll see amazing marine creatures that you haven’t seen before. 

You will also witness a diversity of bird species which live there like flamingos, herons, and many other types. 

During this tour you’ll pass by the park’s attractions, introducing you to the amazing nature of this destination. Wear the comfiest shoes and get greedy for an exploration trip!

Jubail Mangrove Park broadwalk
  • Kayak Among the Mangroves 

If you haven’t tried kayaking before, then it’s time now! You can enjoy it at Jubail Mangrove Park among its stunning sights. 

It’s all fun as you will closely see the unique plants growing in this area while kayaking. Such a chance can’t be missed! 

Besides, there’s no danger since all the safety measures are taken, ensuring you an enjoyable time so don’t worry!  

Call your friends and come try this cool activity to make unforgettable moments.


Its prices start from AED 100/person. 

Jubail Mangrove Park kayaking
  • Try Watercolor Painting 

How about being an artist for a while? It’s a cool idea! You can experience watercolor painting at Jubail Mangrove Park as they provide painting sessions. 

In addition, this activity is perfect especially if you have your kids; they will love it.

Imagine painting where breathtaking natural views are everywhere; it’s the ultimate inspiration, isn’t it? 

You don’t have to be a professional; just hold the brush, let your creativity lead, and amazing things will come out! 


Watercolor painting session price is for AED 200.

Jubail Mangrove Park park
  • Play Yoga in Nature 

Since this park is the best spot to break from the city’s crowdedness and stress, doing some yoga is a good idea too, right? 

It’s one of the coolest things you can do there; you will find instructors who will show you the right poses as well as breathing and meditation exercises. 

Besides, breathing the clean and fresh air at this spot while doing yoga will boost your mood. You will feel refreshed after this outstanding yoga session! 

Don’t hesitate to try it; free your soul and let the worries and thoughts go away! 


Yoga session price is for AED 85.

Yoga in Jubail Mangrove Park
  • Try Sound Healing Sessions 

If you suffer from anxiety and stress, sound healing activity is one of the most effective ways to get rid of them. It’s a meditative practice that helps you connect with yourself. 

This is through hearing different kinds of sounds along with breathing exercises and guided meditation, leaving you relaxed. 

Jubail Mangrove Park is a perfect destination to try this type of session. Imagine your eyes are closed and just the sounds of nature are what you hear! This is so relieving!    

Besides, it’s an affordable and easy way to meditate on a daily basis. They will teach you how it is done so you can do it whenever you need; it’s a nice idea, isn’t it? 


The sound healing session price is for AED 85

Sound Healing in Jubail Mangrove Park

Opening Hours 

Jubail Mangrove Park timings are as follows: 
8 am – 6 pm daily.

Ticket Price

Jubail Mangrove Park has prices at AED 15 for adults and AED 10 for kids over 6 years old  (children below 6 enjoy free entry).

You don’t have to go to Jubail Mangrove Park to book the tickets; they offer online booking through their website

Contact Information

Everything about this park makes it a supreme destination to spend time away from stress and the quick pace of life. You won’t regret it! Go book your tickets and fill your instagram with stunning nature shots! 

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