Best Kids Room Decor Ideas

Do you remember how you felt about your room when you were a kid? It was your secret space, your sanctuary, and that’s why you need to create that for your little ones.

With a touch of creativity and this helpful guide from Property Finder, you’re on the right track. They will love these kids’ bedroom ideas for sure.

kids room decor ideas

1. Cribs and Beds 

One of the most important aspects to consider for kids’ room decor is the bed or a crib for babies. Here are a few tips to get it just right:

  • Some parents enjoy having a nursery for their babies and then switching the decor of the room as they grow up. This is great because the room will be customized exactly for them as they age and their interests change over time.
  • A crib that turns into a small bed is perfect in those really early years because it’s suitable after the baby starts to walk as well. 
kids room decor
  • Beyond the toddler years, you can always go for a headboard for a single bed with posters of all their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters. 
  • Make sure you get colorful bed linen and duvet covers with interesting shapes as well.
  • Bunk beds are favorites for kids indeed and you have a great opportunity to get creative with them too. 
  • For a cool bunk bed decorating idea, you can customize them to be built-in and create spaces for books to read before the kids go to sleep. Another fun idea is to add a swing instead of the stairs! 
bunk bed decorating ideas
  • Kids love to cozy up in tents and hiding places, so maybe you can add a curtain around the bed so they can play inside with super-fluffy pillows! 
  • Where you put the beds is very important; pick a spot away from the windows or the direct flow of the air-conditioner.

2. Walls

Didn’t we all just love coloring and drawing on the walls? It brings a certain satisfaction to kids to have as much creative space as possible and walls are the perfect medium.

Check out these tips and tricks for wall decor of a kids’ room:

  • Transform one of the walls to a chalkboard (using paint or posters) and the kids will go crazy for it. Moreover, it will also be perfect for homeschooling
  • Your little ones are aspiring painters? Frame their works of art and hang them all over the walls. 
wall decor for kids room
  • Paint the walls in their favorite colors and use large stickers on them shaped like their favorite fairy tale creatures or superheroes. 
  • Stick-out butterfly stickers on the wall that look like they’re flying in the same direction towards the window are amazing as wall decor for a little lady’s room. Also, a unicorn wallpaper will create an excellent kids room design for girls. 
  • Blue, pink, or yellow patterned wallpaper as nursery wall art is another cool idea for the early years. 
children room designv
  • Pink and grey bedroom ideas for little girls are an ideal color combination.
  • On the other hand, a blue and white mix is a great room paint idea for the boys. 

3. Workspace 

A chic workspace will add to the overall feel of the room, and the more fun it is, the better. Check out these suggestions to get inspired:

  • Hang a pegboard in front of a small wooden desk and install containers for crayons or stationary, shelves for books, or colorful accessories. 
  • Go for a wall-sized built-in double workspace for siblings with large storage space. A white one will complement the overall kids’ bedroom design and light it up. 
kids room interior workspace
  • Go for a wall-mounted fold-out desk to save space, which is a great small kids room idea.
  • Don’t be afraid to go all bright because kids love it. How about a yellow, red, or orange colored workspace? 
  • You can customize 2 workspaces on either side of a bookshelf; for a cool kids room theme idea, paint the bookshelf different colors on each side. They will love it. 

4. Lighting 

There are various directions you can go for when it comes to lighting because it needs to complete the children’s room design. Here are the highlights you need to take into consideration: 

  • Ceiling pendants are all the hype these days so don’t be afraid to go all out with a statement piece. You just need to base its size as per the space you have in the room to avoid it looking cluttered with oversized pendants or floor lamps. 
kids room lighting
  • Table lamps are quite essential for any room and the little ones’ bedroom is no different. They work as great lighting especially around the workspace or by the beds, as well as fabulous decor pieces. 
  • You will find a variety of night lamps for kids in stores to keep the room slightly lit all the time for safety purposes. Kids love them for their endless shapes, so they are a useful and inexpensive decorating idea for kids’ bedrooms. 
night light kids room decor

5. Storage 

We all know how the kids’ room can turn upside down in a matter of seconds! Easy storage is key to take as less time as possible in rearranging, so consider the following tips.

  • Mesh baskets and plastic containers are your best friend when it comes to kids room interiors. There’s a variety of shapes and colors for them, and they’re the easiest option to organize toys, legos, blankets, and everything essentially! 
kids room storage
  • Opt for hidden storage; for example, make use of the space under the beds with drawers and go for benches that open up like a box.
  • Drawer units within wardrobes and surrounding the kids’ workspace will do wonders as their stuff increases every year. 

6. Accessories 

Rounding up the entire look are the kids room accessories and final touches. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • How about creating a starry night for the precious ones every night. You can buy glow-in-the-dark stickers in the shapes of stars and the moon. 
  • Get creative with the rugs you choose for the kids. A race track one will amaze toddlers and have them play along with their cute tiny cars. 
kids room accessories
  • Hang their art on a string with pegs above the beds or on the bookcase. 
  • You can use name plates above the beds or above a crib for babies. 
  • Don’t forget the dinosaurs! How about stuffed animals on the beds in the shape of the mighty dinosaurs? It’s a cool bedroom idea for boys. As for the girls, mermaids and teddy bears will do the trick. 

Here’s a list of the stores you can check out for lovely kids’ furniture in Dubai: 

  • IKEA Dubai Festival City: 800 4532; Dubai Festival City Mall
  • Caramel & Sun: +971 (0)4 248 2652; Mercato Shopping Mall
  • Moon Kids: +971 (0)55 591 0112; Online. 
kids room decor

It’s time to make use of this guide to create the coziest bedroom for the kids. They need a helpful environment to play, learn, and grow.

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